10+ Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas With LED Lights

LED lights help create an aesthetic bedroom by offering versatility in placement, size consideration, and mood enhancement.

If you are looking for easy ways to create an aesthetic bedroom, LED lights are a perfect place to start. LED lights are usually inexpensive and can be used in so many different ways to create a cool effect in a room.

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Some Tips On Using LED Lights

Before we get into creative ways to use your LED lights, we should go over some tips on how to use them effectively.


The effect that the LED lights have in the room will strongly depend on where you place them. LED can be put literally anywhere.

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Although this is a cool feature, it can also be a problem because you might not know where to place them. Too many options can sometimes leave you feeling confused.

So, first think about which area of the room you want to change. Is your bed boring? Do you hate your closet door? Find that window to be depressing? Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of where your LED lights should go.


LED lights are a great way to create an aesthetic in a room. But first you must decide what that aesthetic is even going to be right?

Think about the atmosphere you want to create in your room. Do you want a party vibe? Are you hoping to create a tranquil meditation sanctuary? Maybe you just want magical elegance? Whatever mood you are going for, LED lights can help you create it.


You will definitely need to consider the size of your room when you are decorating with LED lights. The size of the room or the size of the space you want to illuminate will determine how many LED lights you will need. LED lights come in varying sizes and lengths.

Make sure you measure first and measure twice. Some LED lights will use adhesive so once they are up they will stay where you put them.

This means that you need to make sure that you place the lights in exactly the spot you wanted and that you have enough lights for the space you planned.

Focal point

You might also want to consider using a focal point in the room. For instance, perhaps you want to use your bed as the focal point of the LED illumination, or a window, or a vanity mirror. Choose the focal point before hanging lights.


Once you start hanging LED lights, position carefully. The LED lights that use adhesive will need to be positioned especially carefully to avoid mistakes. It is difficult to remove the lights and reposition. Get a friend to help to ensure you don’t make a mistake.


When shopping for lights you should consider your budget. LED lights are not very expensive, but there are different types and quality of lights.

If you need to be on a budget, be sure to shop around for different lights to see who has the best deal.

Now that you know a little more about buying and using LED lights, here are some cool ways to use the lights in your room.

Fairy Lights

Ariceleo Led Fairy Lights Battery Operated, 1 Pack Mini Battery Powered Copper Wire Starry Fairy Lights for Bedroom, Christmas, Parties, Wedding, Centerpiece, Decoration (5m/16ft Warm White)

Fairy lights are a cool and simple way to use LEDs in your room. The great thing about fairy lights is that they do not use adhesive so you can put them up and take them down whenever you like.

Adding fairy lights to a room instantly changes the entire atmosphere. You can take a plain and boring room and turn it into something magical in minutes.

Fairy lights can literally be placed any where in the room where you just want a little magic.

Ceiling Icicle Lights

GTSYDING LED Icicle String Lights, Christmas Icicle Lights 16.4Ft 216 LEDs Window Curtain Starry Fairy Lights Plug in 8 Modes for Wedding Party Bedroom Garden Patio Outdoor Indoor (Warm White, 5)

Hanging icicle lights from the ceiling is another super simple way to create an aesthetic in a room. Like fairy lights, ceiling icicle lights can be put up and taken down with little problem.

You will want to install small hooks or some other way to hand the lights from the ceiling. Be sure to use a stable ladder when climbing in your room. It’s a good idea to have a friend on hand when climbing on a ladder too.

Canopy Bed

MZD8391 Curtain String Lights, 9.8 X 9.8ft 304 LED Starry Fairy Lights for Wedding, Bedroom, Bed Canopy, Garden, Patio, Outdoor Indoor (Warm White)

You can create a beautiful light canopy over your bed with LED lights. If you already have a canopy over your bed, you can add the lights to the bed for added effect.

For beds without a canopy, simply drape the lights over the top of the bed from a centralized hook in the ceiling. The lights can be attached at bed posts or attached to the wall. This works well if you are trying to create a romantic aesthetic in your room.

Curtain Lights

HXWEIYE 300LED Fairy Curtain Lights, USB Plug in 8 Modes Christmas Fairy String Hanging Lights with Remote Controller for Bedroom, Indoor, Outdoor, Weddings, Party, Decorations(9.8x9.8Ft, Warm White)

Another super easy way to use lights is to use curtain lights. These are often premade lighting sets that are made to drape down the front of your curtains. These look great on top of sheer drapes.

Use drapes that are very colorful to really make a lighting statement. The soft glow of the lights through the window creates a cozy feeling that can’t be beat.

Lighting Up Furniture

If you have a piece of furniture in your room that could use some pop, why not add lighting to the piece. This can transform something boring into something magical.

Adhesive LED Lights

Tap Light Push Lights STAR-SPANGLED Mini Night Touch Light LED Puck Lights Portable Under Cabinet Lighting Battery Operated Powered DIY Stick On Lights Wireless Closet Counter Kitchen Cool White 5Pack

The adhesive LED lights that come in strips, can also be used to create a cool atmosphere in your rooms. These types of lights are often used up around the ceiling of a room. The lights are affxed to the wall at the ceiling.

LEDs like these can also be used to accent furniture such as TV stands or desks.

These types of LED lights can be controlled with a remote to change colors, flash or wave. You can truly customize the vibe of a room any way you like with just the touch of a button.

FAQs about LED Lights for Bedrooms

How do you make a room aesthetic with LED lights?

To make a room aesthetic with LED lights, you can enhance the ambiance by incorporating RGB and RGBW LED strip lights along the ceilings and walls. By utilizing a remote control or smart app, you have the ability to program and alter the color of the lights to suit your desired mood.

Is it OK to have LED lights in your room?

Having LED lights in your room is not only energy- and cost-efficient, but also provides a safe alternative to traditional bulbs. LED lights are manufactured without the presence of the harmful chemical mercury, which can pose a risk of exposure if a traditional bulb breaks in your home. Therefore, it is advisable to replace as many traditional bulbs as possible with LED options.

How do you style a room without light?

Styling a room without natural light can be achieved by incorporating the following elements: prioritize light-colored furniture, introduce pops of color, ensure ample lighting sources, hang mirrors to create the illusion of space and reflect light, incorporate plants for a touch of freshness, and carefully select artwork to enhance the overall ambiance.

How can I make my room look good with LED lights?

To make your room look aesthetically pleasing with LED lights, you can consider placing them under cabinets or along toe kicks, underneath shelves, beneath the bed, as accents on stairs, surrounding mirrors, on shelves, above the closet, and within picture frames.

Do room LED lights help skin?

Room LED lights can help improve the condition of the skin by treating various concerns such as eczema, hair loss, and mild to moderate acne.

Can you put LED lights under your bed?

Yes, it is possible to install LED lights under your bed. Under bed lighting kits are available for around $60 and typically include LED strips that are 15.5 feet long. These kits are designed to consume minimal power, offer multiple color options, and are energy efficient. To achieve the best lighting effect, we suggest placing the LED strips along the underside of the bedframe.

Is LED good for dark rooms?

LED lighting is a good choice for dark rooms because it has a higher lumen output compared to traditional bulbs. This means that LED lights emit brighter light, making them a suitable replacement for halogen light bulbs.

Can you cut LED strips?

LED strips can be cut as long as you follow the marked cut lines. Cutting outside of these lines can cause problems with the light strips. It is safest to cut LED strips along the designated cut lines, as the circuits are closed in these areas.

How do you light a room perfectly?

To light a room perfectly, it is important to incorporate a combination of three light sources: general lighting (such as overhead or pendant lights), specific lighting (like task or table lamps), and ambient lighting (including sconces, candles, or decorative lights). Additionally, maximizing natural light can be achieved by ensuring clean windows, which is an inexpensive and simple way to significantly enhance the overall lighting of a room.

How do you cover LED lights in a bedroom?

To cover LED lights in a bedroom, you can begin by applying a clear piece of scotch tape over the desired LED light. Next, use either black nail polish or a black permanent marker to coat the tape, effectively blocking the light from shining through.

Do LED lights make room brighter?

LED lights do make a room brighter. They emit a brighter light while consuming less energy, which is a beneficial combination. By using the appropriate type of LED bulb, you can easily transform a dimly lit room into a fully illuminated one.

How do you design a room with light?

To design a room with light, one can enhance the ambiance by incorporating split lighting. Instead of relying solely on overhead ceiling lights, it is advisable to incorporate a range of accent lights and strategically position them throughout the room. This approach serves a dual purpose, as it not only fulfills the functional aspect of lighting but also adds a touch of enjoyment by creating a welcoming and ambient atmosphere.

What is a good color for a bedroom with LED lights?

A good color for a bedroom with LED lights is red or amber. These warm and soothing colors are known to promote a restful night’s sleep. It is believed that colors similar to red on the light spectrum can stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that aids in sleep. Red light, with its lower color temperature compared to sunlight, is particularly suitable for creating a sleep-friendly environment.

Which LED color is best for acne?

The best LED color for acne treatment is typically blue. This color is commonly utilized to reduce sebaceous gland activity, resulting in decreased production of oil that can clog hair follicles and cause acne. Additionally, blue LED light has the potential to eliminate Cutibacterium acnes, the bacteria responsible for acne formation.

What color is best for sleep?

The best color for sleep is blue. Blue is considered the optimal color for your bedroom due to its calming effects on the brain, as demonstrated in a 2018 study on blue walls in a university residence hall. Additionally, blue tones are more subdued, creating a soothing environment for a good night’s rest.

Which LED light color is best for skin?

The best LED light color for skin is red, as it can help reduce inflammation and promote collagen production, which is responsible for maintaining youthful-looking skin. On the other hand, blue LED light can effectively eliminate acne-causing bacteria known as P. acnes.

Do purple LED lights help you sleep?

Purple LED lights may not help you sleep as they, along with green light, could potentially hinder your ability to fall asleep. It is well-documented that blue light can negatively impact melatonin levels, and more research is needed to fully understand the effects of green and purple light on sleep.

Which LED color is best for eyes?

The best LED color for eyes is anything in the warm white color temperature range (2700-3000K). Opting for a color-corrected type such as our warm white Chromalux® LED can also be an excellent choice as it enhances clarity and contrast, reducing eye strain.

What color LED lights help with anxiety?

The color of LED lights that can assist with anxiety is blue. A scientific study published in PLOS ONE in 2017 revealed that blue lighting has the ability to expedite the relaxation process following stress when compared to traditional white lighting. The study demonstrated that individuals experiencing stress who were exposed to blue light relaxed three times faster than those exposed to white light.

What is the most popular LED light color?

The most popular LED light color is white, which is widely used and highly favored.

Is green LED light good for sleep?

Green LED light is beneficial for sleep, as studies conducted by Oxford University have shown that it induces rapid sleep onset in mice within a time frame of 1 to 3 minutes. Additionally, it has been found that blue light has the opposite effect and can delay sleep.

What color light helps study?

The color of light that helps with studying is determined by its Kelvin temperature scale, which typically falls between 1500 and 6500 Kelvin. Optimal studying performance and focus are associated with higher color temperatures. Therefore, cool white light, specifically in the form of LED lights, is considered the best color for studying.

How to make your bedroom aesthetic?

To make your bedroom aesthetic, you can enhance the ambiance by incorporating various elements. String lights can be added for a cozy and whimsical touch, while a disco ball can bring a playful and vibrant atmosphere. Creating a collage wall allows you to showcase your personal style and memories. Exposing your wardrobe can add a trendy and organized look to the room. To introduce a natural element, opt for faux greenery. Adding a bed canopy can create a dreamy and luxurious feel. Layering different textures, such as pillows, rugs, and curtains, adds depth and visual interest. Fill your room with plants to bring life and freshness. Dressing up your bed with decorative pillows and throws can elevate its appearance. Incorporating a neon sign adds a modern and artistic touch. Making your wall bloom by hanging floral artwork or using floral wallpaper can bring a touch of nature indoors. Lastly, using moon wall decor can create a celestial and serene ambiance.

How can I make my room aesthetic without spending money?

To make your room aesthetic without spending money, you can curate a talking point by utilizing objects you already own. Add a pop of color to trims by repurposing leftover paint cans. Rearrange your bedroom furniture strategically to enhance sleep quality. Apply the rule of three to your houseplants for an appealing display. Swap rugs between rooms to change up the ambiance. Finally, create conversational seating arrangements to make your room more inviting.

How can I decorate my room for free?

You can decorate your room for free by framing printables or public domain images, rearranging your furniture, recycling old jars into vases and centerpieces, rotating pillows and rugs between rooms, clipping flowers or branches from your yard (if available), and displaying old family mementos that hold sentimental value.

How do you glam up a bedroom?

To glam up a bedroom, you can add a touch of sophistication. Incorporate mirrored accents, luxurious tufted headboards, soft rugs, and silky sheets to create a hotel-like ambiance. Strike the perfect balance of elegance without going overboard on glitz.

How do I organize my room aesthetic?

To organize your room aesthetic, start by taking inventory of your belongings. Then, tackle one section at a time, decluttering with the help of bins and baskets. Consider investing in a closet organizer and matching hangers to create a cohesive look. If needed, get multiple dressers to accommodate your items. Additionally, section off drawers and shelves to keep things organized. Finally, surrender to a shoe rack to keep your footwear in order.

How can I make my room unique?

To make your room unique, you can incorporate all your favorite colors into the decor. Additionally, you can personalize your walls by adding decorations or artwork. Creating a customized bed can also add a unique touch to your room. Enhance the ambiance by making your room smell pleasant and using relaxed lighting. Finally, incorporating plants can freshen the mood and add a unique element to your space.

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