20+ Surprising Statistics Comparing Airbnb vs Hotels: Which is the Better Choice?

Airbnb and hotels offer different experiences. While hotels provide luxury and safety, Airbnb appeals to those seeking authenticity and cost-efficiency, catering to diverse traveler preferences.

There is a vast number of hotels and Airbnb to choose from. Deciding which accommodation is the right place to stay can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming decisions. Debating between Airbnb and hotels depends on the purpose of your travels, who you are traveling with, and your preference.

Here are surprising Airbnb vs hotel statistics you need to know. 

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Top 10 Statistics for Airbnb vs Hotels

  • There are an estimated 700,000 hotels and over 7 million Airbnb rental listings. 
  • 60% of travelers prefer to stay at an Airbnb over a hotel.
  • When it comes to booking, 76% of travelers find it easier to book a hotel.
  • 53% feel Airbnb is more affordable than hotels.
  • 48% prefer hotel amenities of a pool, gym, Wi-Fi, room service, and housekeeping.
  • Over 75% of travelers prefer the authentic experience of an Airbnb. 
  • 55% prefer hotel services Airbnb does not offer.
  • 30% of pet owners book with Airbnb when traveling with their pets.  
  • 55% feel safer in a hotel.
  • Nearly half of the travelers prefer the familiarity of hotels.

Airbnb vs hotel statistics

Below are more Airbnb vs hotel statistics;  

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There are an estimated 700,000 hotels and 7 million Airbnb rentals worldwide

There are an estimated 17.5 million guest rooms in 700,000 hotels worldwide. 5 million of the guestrooms are at the 90,562 hotels and motels in the U.S.

Most Airbnb guests are between the ages of 25 and 44

59% of Airbnb guests are between the ages of 25 and 44. 15% of the younger guests are from ages 18 to 24. 26% of Airbnb’s guests are everyone 45 and older.

60% of travelers generally prefer Airbnb over hotels

More than half of travelers who have stayed at both Airbnb and a hotel prefer using Airbnb over a hotel for leisure vacations.

68% of travelers prefer to stay at a hotel when traveling for business

Business travelers have reported negative experiences are more likely to occur at an Airbnb than at a hotel. Business travelers prefer to book a hotel to ensure their work is not affected by their stay.

The simplicity of booking is essential. 74% find it easier to book a hotel.

Hotels have standardized services, amenities, and facilities travelers know will be available. Unlike Airbnb, there is no guesswork for what would be available when they arrive at a hotel. 

When booking a vacation during the holidays or in tourist areas, hotels are more likely to have rooms available regardless of the season.

Booking an Airbnb is potentially risky

15% of guests who have filed complaints against Airbnb reported rentals were a scam.  

Affordability is important. The average daily rate of Airbnb is cheaper than hotels

The average daily rate of Airbnb is 6% to 17% cheaper than hotels. Although daily rates are considered less expensive, it is not always the most cost-effective option. 

53% of travelers find Airbnb less expensive

Airbnb benefits people traveling with a larger group who can split the cost of an entire home. The length of your trip can also factor into which is most cost-effective. Longer stays are more affordable at Airbnb.

Whereas 18% believe hotels offer better prices

Solo travelers and smaller groups traveling for a short time can save money by booking a single room at a hotel.   

Pet parents prefer Airbnb. 30% of travelers found Airbnb to be more pet friendly

Taking our four-legged friends with us on vacation is important. â…“ of travelers who bring their furry friends find it more convenient to book Airbnb for a trip with their pets.

77% of travelers feel Airbnb provides a more authentic experience than a hotel

There is a genuine appeal to Airbnb. The location and atmosphere of a home within a city feel more authentic to over Âľ of travelers.

39% of people prefer Airbnb locations

39% of guests feel staying in a home within a hometown rather than a tourist area is a better way to experience local culture.

61% enjoy the convenience of hotel locations

Hotels are generally located in tourist areas. Location in tourist areas is convenient for accessibility to necessities and tourist activities. You are more likely to find anything and everything you need at any hour of the day within the hotel or someplace nearby.

63% prefer the luxurious experience of a hotel

Hotels offer services such as room service, laundry, assistance with car rentals or taxis, booking a restaurant, and providing towels and hygiene products. Over 60% of travelers prefer to book a hotel room to access these services.

Nearly half of the travelers choose a hotel over Airbnb for its amenities

Hotel amenities such as the pool, fitness center, Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and housekeeping lure 48% of travelers. Hotels also offer other readily available amenities; travelers can contact customer service for additional help if anything is missing.

37% enjoy the homely environment of an Airbnb

People enjoy the feeling of a home when traveling and find a home rental peaceful and relaxing. 

On the other hand, 25% feel uncomfortable staying in an Airbnb

ÂĽ of travelers feel uncomfortable staying in someone else’s home and do not like the accommodations at a home that is not theirs. 

Safety is a crucial factor to consider when deciding where to stay. 55% of travelers feel safer in a hotel

Hotels offer more security with cameras, guards, and staff working all day and night. There is not as much assurance of safety at an Airbnb rental.

58% feel unsafe at Airbnb due to the possibility of a hidden camera

Travelers are not guaranteed owners are reliable, and 58% of people fear the possibility of a hidden camera in their room. 11% of travelers claim to have discovered a hidden camera in their rental. 

48% prefer the familiarity of hotels

Everyone knows what to expect when staying at a hotel. Nearly half of the travelers are more comfortable with the guarantee of a room and the amenities hotels offer.

A clean place to stay is essential. 22% prefer hotels for their cleanliness

Hotels have regular housekeeping, cleaning, and strict regulations guaranteeing a safe and clean environment. While most Airbnb rentals are clean, some people feel hotels are cleaner than Airbnb. 

Wrap Up

Airbnb vs hotel statistics; which is the better choice? Hotels seem to be the better option for anyone traveling on a business trip or wanting the feel of a luxury vacation. Airbnb is best for large groups and an authentic experience of the city. Regardless of your choice, both accommodations offer a warm and welcoming place to sleep during your vacation. 

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