How To Block Sun From Sliding Glass Door

Block the sun from sliding glass doors with UV curtains, tinting, blinds, shades, or films for privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

Sliding glass doors are like a portal to the outside world. You get a crystal clear outside view, or you can open it to enjoy fresh air on a lovely day.

But what about on days when the sun is just too much to deal with?

We will look at how to enjoy a sliding glass door without the constant torture of the sun.

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How to block sun from sliding glass door?

Plain linen curtains make an excellent UV ray shield if you’re looking for a quick and easy short-term solution.

For the long term, you’ve got some good-locking options that won’t break the bank or take away your morning sunrise view.

5 Top Tips for Stopping the Sun

You want to find the perfect solution to find the balance between letting the sun in and keeping the sun out – and it’s different for everyone.

You Can Keep Your View

You don’t have to sacrifice your view just because the sun beats down dangerously during the day.

Professionals can install the latest window tinting technology. Or, you can go the DIY route and find a privacy or blackout film that is easily applied.

Tinted sliding glass doors do more than simply block the sun’s UV rays.

  • You can see out, and your neighbors can’t see in, which improves your privacy.
  • Adding tint or film to your sliding glass door increases security because the glass is harder to shatter. A sliding glass door is a common point of entry for bad guys.
  • Damaging UV rays can’t only hurt you, but they can contribute to fading furniture. And leads to avoidable wear and tear to artwork and personal items.
  • Regardless of which direction your glass door is located, it will give off a glare that will annoy you. Tint easily fixes that.
  • And most window tints or films will block out the heat during the hottest part of the day by reflecting and absorbing solar energy.

Let the Right Light In

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Some of us like to choose when we let the sun’s light in. 

Sheer panels or opaque curtains are a simple and affordable way to block the sun. You aren’t sacrificing aesthetics, either.

Double Up

You can use layers to serve specific purposes by using multiple rods.

On the rod closest to the window, hang a sheer or transparent print that allows the sun in. 

And if privacy is the goal, the outer drape or curtain acts as a shield between you and the world.

Blind the Sun

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Blinds are one of the pricier options to block the sun coming through a sliding glass door.

  • Vertical blinds are a popular choice because of their smooth mechanism and reliability. And you can change them out as you want, which allows customization. 
  • Not all sliding glass door vertical blinds are equal, so doing a little research is worth it. The no-cord options are pet and child-friendly.
  • When you go with blinds, you also get to control the amount and duration of sunlight.

How much do blinds cost for sliding glass doors?

If your sliding glass door is 80 inches tall and 60 to 72 wide, the average cost ranges between $100 and $200.

People with unusually shaped sliding glass doors will spend more on customization.

When All Else Fails

If you’re desperate for a reprieve from the sun, throw a piece of furniture in front of it. You don’t want this as a long-term solution for all sorts of reasons.

But sometimes we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do.

Do not put anything in front of a sliding glass door if it’s a primary exit in the case of an emergency.

Does aluminum foil on windows block heat?

Another short-term sun-blocking option is aluminum foil. While it does a lot to reflect heat, it’s not the greatest choice when blocking light. 

How do I block heat from my sliding glass door?

Sometimes people don’t want to block sunlight, just the heat that emanates off of it.

Seal the Gaps

Shade can help with sunbeams, but the heat will still find its way in.

Weatherstrip the doors or use a quality sealant to increase energy efficiency and comfort.


It’s going to sound weird, but if you crack the sliding glass door, you create a cross-ventilation which allows the warmer hair to escape.

The ventilation method works best in combination with awnings or shade screens.

How do you block the sun from a French door?

One of the more popular solutions to block the sun from a French door is wooden blinds with narrow slats or roller shades. 

But you’ve got tons of options, including the same ones for sliding glass doors.

  • add window tint or film
  • choose how much light to use with opaque panels or curtain
  • double up on curtains for lighting control
  • blinds do the job
  • put the couch in front of it


Can you block a sliding glass door?

A metal or wooden bar along the sliding door’s bottom track is the best option if you’re looking to block a sliding glass door for security purposes. 

Window tint and film also add to security by making the glass harder to break. In some cases, the shatterproof film also tint the windows to block the sun out.

How can I make my sliding door look better?

Any sun-blocking option you go with has the power to be beautiful. Curtains come in all colors, patterns, and designs.

And shutters and blinds are usually customizable so that you can add your personal touch.

Can you use roller shades on sliding glass door?

Roller shades are a fantastic solution. While the sliding glass door runs horizontally, roller shades move up and down.

How many rollers does a sliding glass door have?

Traditional sliding glass doors have one set of rollers on both ends.

When you replace rollers, you will want to change them at the same time, even if it seems they’ve taken on different wear and tear.

More FAQs

How do you keep sun out of a sliding glass door?

To keep the sun out of a sliding glass door, one option is to consider buying lined curtains that can effectively block the sun’s rays. If you are willing to compromise on the outdoor view, you can install a double set of curtains and use filtering sheers underneath solid panels, which can be kept closed to further reduce sunlight.

How do you block sun on patio doors?

To block sun on patio doors, you can consider using window films or tints. Applying these films or tints to your patio doors can effectively block harmful UV rays, minimize glare, and reduce heat gain. By doing so, you can enhance the cooling effects of your patio doors and safeguard your furniture from sun damage.

How do I block the sun without blocking?

To block the sun without completely obstructing it, you can combine window film with blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains for a more traditional aesthetic. This way, even when your window treatments are open, you’ll still have sun control and reduced glare. Additionally, if you enjoy your nighttime view, window film offers benefits beyond just sun blocking.

How do you block the sun DIY?

To block the sun DIY, you can opt for an energy-efficient solution by using aluminum foil. Similar to cardboard, aluminum foil is a cost-effective and simple method to prevent sunlight from entering through the windows.

How do you cover a glass door from the sun?

To cover a glass door from the sun, there are several options available. One popular choice among homeowners is to use curtains for privacy. Another option is to install shutters, which can effectively block out sunlight. Sliding solar screens are also a viable solution, as they provide both shade and protection from UV rays. Roman shades can be installed either above or within the door frame, offering a stylish and functional way to control sunlight. Sheer shades are another option, providing a soft and diffused light while still maintaining privacy. Vertical cellular shades are effective at blocking sunlight and insulating the room. Lastly, exterior shades can be installed to provide shade and reduce heat gain from the outside.

Can you put blinds on sliding patio doors?

Yes, it is possible to install blinds on sliding patio doors. Vertical blinds are a popular choice for this type of door because they are easy to open and close and are suitable for wide windows. They provide the flexibility to control the amount of light entering the room and when closed, they take up less space, allowing you to fully enjoy the view outside.

How do you cover a glass patio door?

The question is: “How do you cover a glass patio door?”Rephrased answer: One can cover a glass patio door using various options such as vertical cellular shades, vertical blinds, privacy sheers, woven wood shades, shutters, or drapery ideas.

Can you put a roller shade on a sliding glass door?

Yes, it is possible to install a roller shade on a sliding glass door. Roller shades are a contemporary and stylish choice for sliding doors, as they have a compact stack when fully rolled up. These shades come in light filtering or blackout materials, allowing you to customize the level of privacy and light control in your room.

What do people cover sliding glass doors with?

People cover sliding glass doors with a variety of options such as vertical blinds, vertical cellular shades, curtains/draperies, sliding shutter panels, and sheer vertical shades. If style is important to you, we suggest using draperies for your sliding glass door. However, it is important to note that fabrics used in draperies may require more frequent cleaning in high traffic areas.

Can you use horizontal blinds for sliding glass doors?

Horizontal blinds can be used for sliding glass doors, and you can choose between horizontal or vertical styles based on the size of the door and the desired aesthetic. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the opacity level of solar shades to regulate the amount of light entering your home. If you prefer maximum privacy and minimal sunlight, blackout shades or fabric blinds are a suitable choice.

Do perfect fit blinds work on sliding doors?

Perfect Fit Blinds do not function well on sliding doors or folding doors due to their bulky framework, which can interfere with the smooth operation of the doors and render them dysfunctional.

Should roller shades be mounted inside or outside?

Roller shades can be mounted either inside or outside, and the decision depends on various factors. One important consideration is the type of window you have. If your window has a deep casing, it is more suitable for inside mount roller shades. On the other hand, if your window has a shallow casing or no casing at all, outside mount roller shades may be necessary.

Do sliding glass doors have rollers on the bottom?

Sliding glass doors typically have rollers on the bottom. To remove the rollers, you can use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the roller screw counterclockwise. This will release the rollers from the bottom of the door. Make sure to keep the roller screws in a secure location until you are ready to install the new rollers. Once the rollers are loose enough, you can gently pull them out from the door.

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