7 Tips for a Charming Bathroom Without Windows – Decor Guide

Decorate a small windowless bathroom by using white for brightness, dark colors for a cozy feel, mirrors for illusion, and proper lighting for space enhancement.

how to decorate a small bathroom with no window

Claustrophobia is real, and nothing quite gets the fear going like a small bathroom without windows. But you don’t have to settle for scary.

Let’s look at how to decorate a small bathroom with no window, so it doesn’t have that death trap feel.

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How To Decorate A Small Bathroom With No Window

You don’t need an interior designer to feel a little less boxed in your bath.

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Let the White Happen

Most bathrooms are mostly white, and that’s mostly okay.

White has a mirror effect that reflects light and brightens a room. If the bathroom’s dingy or out of date, you can whiten it up using cheap and easy methods. But, sometimes, keeping it white is the best way to decorate a small bathroom with no window.

You can add color with the donations or little accents (light switches are a fun way to add a little splash).

Or, Join the Dark Side

You’ll find bathroom design specialists that will tell you that there’s nothing wrong with making a dim room darker. Do take note that dark and gloomy are not the same things.

If you’re looking for a sexy, dark retreat, darker designs are the better choice. Add a few mirrors and metallic features to break up the black and add some depth to a darkened space.

It’s really a matter of personal taste.

Metal and Mirror Shines

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You don’t want bathroom decorations that take away from the little bit of light you do have.

Polished metal, glass, mirrors, and Lucite add a fancy touch to a small bathroom and don’t absorb light.

Lucite bathroom accessories are helpful because of their opaqueness. It keeps your countertops from looking overly cluttered.

More Than One Mirror

You can trick human eyes pretty easily with mirrors. When you place a few mirrors low, they give the impression that the floor stretches out further than it really does.

Another good place to affix a mirror is on shower doors. But not everyone can go with swinging or sliding doors. You can go with a full-wall bathroom mirror instead.

Just play around with mirrors and see what works best.

Look at Lighting

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Lighting is the only way to illuminate a bathroom without windows. But, a basic lightbulb is going to shrink the space.

When you layer lighting over your glass and mirrors, it adds depth to an otherwise small bathroom. Go with vertical lighting. Light fixtures clutter small areas and give off non-flattering lighting.

How can I decorate a small bathroom without natural light?

Decorating a small bathroom isn’t as hard as you may think. Lighting is the most expensive part of bathroom revamps, but the one you need to focus on first.

Mock Window

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Whether it’s a mirror or a bathroom wall decor, add an element with a window feel. Then use your awesome lighting right above it, providing the illusion of a window.

How do you style a small windowless bathroom?

How can I make my plain bathroom look nice?

Maybe you’re looking for something faster and cheaper to spruce up your bathroom.

Containing the Clutter

You can’t control the no-window situation, but you can control the clutter on the counter.

You can find inventive ways to store bathroom necessities and add a little bit of decor at the same time.

Oh, and if you’ve not used something in two months, toss it out. It’s taking up space that you don’t have.

Swap Out Scents

The likelihood of you using smell goods in your bathroom is pretty high. But you can easily update your bathroom by just changing out the scents pretty regularly. A lot of people go the seasonal route.

Soap, candles, sprays, etc., are all great additions to the bathroom as accessories and to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Swap out your towels and linens at the same time as switch scents if you’re looking for a holiday feel.

Bathroom Accessories

You don’t want a lot of unnecessary accessories in the shower or in the bathroom sink. The clutter only shrinks the space.

At the same time, adding uplifting decor brightens the bathroom and distracts from the fact it is a small area. 

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are relatively cheap and come in every color and design that you can imagine. You can even have one customized.

The same rules go for rugs and bathmats. They’re affordable and make tons of difference to any tight space.

Just make sure that your shower curtain, decor, linens, etc., are cohesive and not cluttery.


A small bathroom doesn’t take a lot of paint, and you can transform a room with a few fresh coats.

Go all out. Paint your cabinets, accents, and even your grout. 

If you can’t afford a new paint job, you can find a sticky backsplash that is cheaper and won’t get you in trouble with a landlord.

What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

Typically, white, gray, yellow, and off-white are the colors you want to stick to if you’re trying to open up any room (especially a bathroom).

Your deep reds, greens, and browns will shrink a bathroom and make it more claustrophobic.

What to do if bathroom has no window?

  • If you’ve got a white bathroom, go with it. With a little shine, porcelain helps expand the space.
  • Intentional dark bathrooms are great as long as they’re not gloomy. There’s a big difference.
  • Add mirrors and metal accessories in places where it gives a grand illusion.
  • Small and large mirrors make bathrooms look larger than they are.
  • Without proper lighting, a bathroom without windows will always look small.
  • You can fake a window with the right bathroom decor.

How do you get fresh air in a room with no windows?

You’ve got affordable options such as small portable fans and ceiling fans. They both keep the air circulating and can add to the overall look of a bathroom.

Installing a wall air conditioner or swamp cooler will cool a bathroom and keep fresh air flowing.

More FAQs about Painting a Small Bathroom

How do you style a small windowless bathroom?

To style a small windowless bathroom, it is important to consider the following suggestions: Opt for appropriate lighting, enhance the perception of space with mirrors, utilize light and neutral colors, introduce plants for a natural ambiance, incorporate vibrant or daring colors as accents, and employ clever storage solutions to eliminate clutter.

Is it OK to have a bathroom with no window?

A bathroom does not necessarily need a window, but it does need proper ventilation. While requirements and codes may vary by state, having a well-functioning ventilation system is essential.

What Colour is windowless bathroom?

The windowless bathroom does not have a specific color, but it is recommended to avoid using too much white as it can make the space look washed out. Instead, opt for off-white tones, greys, and beige. To enhance the bathroom, incorporate light wood accessories, various textures, and plants.

How do you make a bohemian bathroom?

To make a bohemian bathroom, start by transforming it into a peaceful retreat. Embrace a variety of accessories and mix and match textiles for a relaxed vibe. Consider creating a tile accent wall and stacking boho accessories to add visual interest. Opt for mosaic tile flooring and incorporate vintage elements for a touch of nostalgia. Don’t forget to bring nature indoors by adding plenty of plants. Lastly, consider papering the walls to enhance the bohemian atmosphere.

How to design a small bedroom with no windows?

To design a small bedroom with no windows, one can incorporate mirrors as a solution to various design challenges. Mirrors not only create the illusion of space but also reflect light, making the room appear brighter and more open. Additionally, using bright and bold colors can help enhance the room’s purpose and create a vibrant atmosphere. Bringing elements of the outdoors inside, such as plants or nature-inspired decor, can also add a sense of freshness and liveliness to the space. Hanging statement pieces of artwork can serve as focal points and add visual interest to the room. Lastly, ensuring the right lighting is crucial in a windowless bedroom, as it can compensate for the lack of natural light and create a warm and inviting ambiance.

How do you make a bathroom with no windows nice?

To make a bathroom with no windows nice, you can enhance ventilation by installing an extractor fan, which effectively eliminates excess moisture in the room. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness and minimizing clutter, incorporating reflective surfaces, wiping away water droplets, opting for glass bathroom fittings, adding plants, and selecting a light color scheme can all contribute to creating a pleasant ambiance in the windowless bathroom.

Is it okay to not have windows in bathroom?

It is important to have some form of ventilation in the bathroom to eliminate excess moisture. While there are alternative options such as investing in a ventilation system, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is to have windows in the bathroom.

Why do some bathrooms not have windows?

Some bathrooms do not have windows because people can choose to install mechanical ventilation fans instead, which effectively prevent mold growth and ensure proper ventilation. The use of exhaust fans has proven to be successful in achieving this objective.

What to replace bathroom window with?

There are several options to consider when replacing a bathroom window, such as awning windows, casement windows, double-hung windows, glass block windows, sliding windows, and skylights.

What can I paint my bathroom with no windows?

You can paint your bathroom with no windows using high LRV, neutral colors such as Beige, White, Cream, and Gray to create a more spacious appearance. To add a playful touch and give it a modern feel, consider using pastel accent colors like Teal, Pink, Lilac, and Peach, even in the absence of natural light. However, it’s important to note that simply painting the walls with a bright color won’t suffice.

How do I keep mold out of my bathroom without a fan?

To keep mold out of your bathroom without a fan, you can reduce humidity by taking cool showers, remove damp towels and mats, run a dehumidifier or space heater after showering, and use an air purifier to reduce mold spores and odors.

How do you add lights to a room without windows?

To add lights to a room that lacks windows, you can achieve even lighting by using overhead fixtures. Additionally, you can create layers of light by incorporating lamps. In windowless bathrooms, consider adding a mirror light. It is advisable to avoid using dark colors or an all-white color scheme as they can make the room appear darker. To make the room feel more spacious, you can use a statement wall to visually enlarge it. For extra illumination, LED strips can be utilized. Lastly, mirrors can be used to bounce light and enhance the overall brightness of the room.

How do you decorate a bathroom minimally?

To decorate a bathroom minimally, one can achieve a calm and spacious atmosphere by incorporating a neutral color scheme on the walls. Opting for shades like white, gray, beige, or even soft yellow or blush can create a serene, spa-like ambiance in your minimalist bathroom.

How can I make my cheap bathroom look nice?

To make a cheap bathroom look nice, you can consider implementing the following steps: Apply a fresh coat of paint, update the old hardware, opt for white fixtures, replace the lighting, add a new rug or window treatment, incorporate decorative plants, hang removable wallpaper, and create a gallery wall.

What does a minimalist bathroom look like?

A minimalist bathroom is characterized by its clean lines, lack of clutter, and serene aesthetic. Surfaces are kept tidy with the help of hidden storage, and the only decorative elements are often functional items like towels and soaps.

How do you make an old fashioned bathroom look nice?

To make an old fashioned bathroom look nice, you can enhance its appearance by incorporating lively wallpaper, stylish curtains, an elegant ceiling fixture, and freshly painted vanity doors. Bathrooms offer a great opportunity to experiment with bold and playful design choices that you might not be willing to embrace in other areas of your home, such as the living room.

How do you use empty space in a bathroom?

The empty space in a bathroom can be utilized in various ways. One option is to incorporate recessed secure storage to maximize storage capacity. Another idea is to install open shelving for storing bathroom supplies, creating a spa-like atmosphere. Additionally, providing individual towel rails for everyone can help keep the bathroom organized. Including tub side storage is also beneficial for keeping bathtime essentials within reach. Another option is to decorate the corners with bathroom plants, adding a touch of greenery. Lastly, filling empty walls with statement mirrors can enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

How do you make a small bathroom look posh?

To make a small bathroom appear luxurious, it is important to minimize clutter as much as possible. Additionally, incorporating adequate lighting can greatly enhance the overall ambiance. Opting for a paint color that complements the lighting can also contribute to an elegant atmosphere. Utilizing white elements can add an element of simplicity and sophistication. Lastly, considering the use of larger fixtures or coverings can create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

The best paint color for a small bathroom is one that follows basic design principles. Light colors like white, crème, pastel blue, gray, or yellow will create the illusion of a larger space. On the other hand, dark colors such as deep red, green, or brown will have the opposite effect and make the room feel smaller.

What kind of pictures go in bathrooms?

The kind of pictures that go in bathrooms are framed prints. Framed prints are ideal for bathroom walls because they come with a layer of protective glass. With a frame and glass shield, you can hang your wall art without worrying about any damage. If you have concerns about hanging artwork in a damp environment, framed wall art is an excellent solution.

How to make a bathroom luxurious on a budget?

To make a bathroom luxurious on a budget, you can transform it by incorporating natural decor, decluttering the space, stocking plush bath towels, installing a new showerhead, using color to create a calming atmosphere, upgrading your toiletries, incorporating plenty of bathroom storage, and softening the floors with rugs.

How do you add characters to a small bathroom?

To add characters to a small bathroom, one can create a distinctive accent wall, repurpose a vintage cabinet into a vanity, incorporate unexpected small touches, upgrade dull hardware, infuse humor, hang unique artwork, introduce architectural details, and experiment with a vibrant pop of color.

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