7+ Bathroom Tile Shelf Ideas

Bathroom tile shelves offer storage solutions like built-in niches, corner shelves, shower shelves, bathtub ledges, tension rod shelves, swinging shelves, and suction shelves for your shower.

Having shelves in your combination bathtub shower or your standalone shower gives you a place to store items such as soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts and body sponges.

If you are building a new shower or you have an existing shower, you may be looking to add shelves to provide you with space to store all of these items.

However, most people do not realize how many different options they have when it comes to selecting shelving for their showers. Here are a few bathroom tile shelf ideas you can incorporate into your shower to provide you with the storage space you need. 

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1. Built-In Recessed Niches

If you are having a new shower constructed, one of the shelving ideas is to have built-in recessed niches installed. Recessed niches are typically square or rectangular in shape, and are a bit set back compared to the rest of the shower wall.

This creates a hole or space where you can store your items. These recessed niches may stand alone, or they may have metal, glass or stone shelves built in to them, so you can store multiple items in one niche. 

2. Corner Shelves

Another type of shelf that you can have installed in your shower is corner shelves. Corner shelves go in the corner of your shower. They typically consist of multiple shelves, ascending downward.

They are not very large, but since you have multiple shelves, it provides you with a place to store a wide variety of items that you use in a shower.

Corner shelves can be installed during the tiling process or can be installed after the tiling process is completed. 

3. Shower Shelves

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Shower shelves, sometimes called shower boxes, are small ledges that are placed anywhere on the wall of a shower. Some shower shelves are long in length, giving you one large shelf on which to place all of your toiletries that are used in a shower.

Other shower shelves are smaller. When smaller shelves are placed, there are often multiple shelves placed on the shower wall. One of the current trends is to scatter these shower shelves throughout the shower, creating a decorative effect with the various shelves.

Shower shelves are most commonly installed during the tiling process. 

4. Bathtub Ledge

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If you have a combination bathtub and shower, a bathtub ledge is another type of shelf that can be installed in a shower. The ledge is above the backside of the bathtub and provides a large ledge that you can place your toiletries atop in the shower.

A bathtub ledge is always completed during the tiling process and cannot be added once the tiling process has been completed. 

5. Tension Rod Shelves

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One of the more unique types of bathroom shelf ideas is tension rod shelves. A tension rod is placed vertically between the ceiling of the shower and the floor of the shower.

The rod itself often has shelves or small baskets that can be used for storage in the shower itself. Most tension rod shelves are made from metal.

This type of shower shelf idea is perfect for renters who cannot permanently change a shower and add tile shelves or for those looking for an inexpensive shelving option for a shower. 

6. Swinging Shelves

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Another type of bathroom shelf idea that is perfect for renters or those looking for an easy and inexpensive shelving option is swinging shelves.

Anchors are installed in the ceiling directly above your shower, and hanging shelves can be hung from those anchors. This allows you to get floating shelves in your shower that are able to hold a large amount of weight.

Swinging shelves are stylish and trendy, yet do not require professional installation, making them a simple and temporary shelving option. 

7. Suction Shower Shelves

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The final type of bathroom tile shelf option that is available to you is suction shower shelves. These types of shelves or baskets have suction cups on the backside of the basket or shelf.

The suction cups are then adhered to the tile in your shower, giving you a fast and easy tile option. Suction shower shelves are inexpensive and can be installed yourself after tilework has been completed in a shower.

The shelves can also easily be moved as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Tile Shelves 

Now that you have some bathroom tile shelf ideas, you may have a few questions about incorporating these ideas into your shower.

How Do You Install Shelves In a Tile Shower? 

There are many different ways that you can install shelves into a tile shower. Some shelves are installed during the building process. For example, recessed niches have to be built during the shower building process. Other types of shelves can be installed during the building process or after the building process. For example, corner shelves or shower shelves can be built-in as the shower is built, or can be drilled into place after the shower is completed. Lastly, some types of shelves, such as suction shelves, hanging shelves or tension rod shelves, can be added after the shower is completed and do not need to be professionally installed. 

Are Shower Shelves a Good Idea? 

Shower shelves are a good idea. These types of shelves provide you with a place to put all of the items that you have in a shower, such as shampoo, conditioner and soap. This helps to keep your shower clean and orderly. 

Can You Add a Shower Shelf After Tilework Has Been Completed? 

In most cases, you can add shower shelves after tilework has been completed. However, certain types of shelving, such as recessed shelves, must be completed when the tilework is being completed. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to incorporate the shelves when you are having tilework completed. However, if the shelves were not added during the tilework process, there are options for adding shelving at a later time.

Can you put shelves on bathroom tiles?

Yes, you can put shelves on bathroom tiles. If you are fortunate enough to find a stud, hanging something on a tile wall is a simple task. However, if you are unable to locate a stud, you will need to utilize a hollow wall anchor to securely hold your new shelf in position. We will guide you through the process.

Can you put floating shelves on tiles?

Yes, you can put floating shelves on tiles. If your wall is already tiled and it’s not an exterior wall, you can locate the studs on the back side of the wall using a stud finder and determine their positions. To ensure maximum stability, it is recommended to screw your brackets into at least one stud, if not more.

Where is the best place to put a shower shelf?

The best place to put a shower shelf is typically on the wall opposite the shower head. It is a popular choice for shower niches. In terms of height, if it is a regular stand-up shower, a convenient placement would be above the waist, approximately 3 feet from the shower pan or base, allowing for easy reach.

Can you add a shower niche after tile?

The question transformed into a statement: “It is possible to add a shower niche after the tile has been installed.”Rephrased answer: Shower niches can be added after the installation of the tile. These retrofit niches are specifically designed to be inserted into a pre-made hole in the shower wall, which is left during the tile installation process. Once the niche is placed in the hole, it is pressed against the surrounding tile to ensure a secure fit.

Can you fix shelves to tiles?

Shelves can be fixed to tiles by using anchors to ensure stability and safety.

What is the tiled shelf in the shower called?

The tiled shelf in the shower is commonly referred to as a shower niche, which is essentially a recessed shelf built into the shower wall.

What do you put between shower trays and tiles?

The bead of silicone sealant is placed between shower trays and tiles to ensure that the gap is adequately covered. It is important to ensure that there are no visible gaps, and if any are present, additional sealant should be carefully applied to the area.

What is the disadvantage of shower niche?

The disadvantage of a shower niche is that it necessitates meticulous planning, including proper insulation and selecting a tile grade that prevents water accumulation within the niche.

Are shower niches a good idea?

Shower niches are a great idea as they can effectively save space and enhance the functionality of your shower. Unlike bulky organizers that can make a small shower space feel even smaller, a tile shower niche provides an ideal solution to reclaim your peaceful bathroom. This seemingly small detail actually plays a significant role in optimizing the functionality of your shower.

What tile is best for shower niche?

The best tile for a shower niche depends on personal preference and the complexity of the niche. Mosaic tile is more suitable for intricate shelves, as it can navigate the details more easily. On the other hand, larger tiles provide a sleeker appearance for simpler shower niches.

Should shower niches be vertical or horizontal?

Shower niches can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on the size of the shower and the desired functionality. Horizontal niches are wider than they are tall, making them a suitable choice for larger showers. On the other hand, vertical niches are taller than they are wide and are a great fit for smaller showers. However, vertical niches can also work well in larger showers by extending them up the wall and adding shelving for added functionality.

How high should shower ledge be?

The shower ledge should be placed anywhere from elbow height to eye height when standing, which is approximately 38″ to 60″ from the ground on the average adult. This height allows for easy access to shampoo bottles without the need to reach up or bend down.

What are the different types of shower racks?

The different types of shower racks include hanging caddies, over-the-door caddies, tension rod caddies, and suction or adhesive caddies.

Where is the best place to put a niche in the shower?

The best place to put a niche in the shower is on the wall opposite the shower head. This is because a significant amount of water splashes onto the shower walls in that area, which can cause a bar of soap to become messy and dissolve down the drain if stored there. Therefore, the wall opposite the shower head is the most commonly chosen location for shower niches.

What is a shower listello?

A shower listello is a band of border tile that can be used to enhance the appearance of walls and floors in a shower. It is a clever choice for those who desire to incorporate a decorative element without overpowering the overall space.

What do you use for shower niche shelves?

The answer to the question “What do you use for shower niche shelves?” can be rephrased as follows: Shower niche shelves can be made of natural stone, which is a great choice if it complements the surrounding shower wall tile. Among the various options, marble is the most popular stone material due to its muted grey and white tones that are currently in demand. Additionally, marble is relatively easy to cut and polish.

What is the difference between a shower niche and a shower recess?

The difference between a shower niche and a shower recess is that a shower niche is a recessed shelf within the shower wall, providing a designated space for storing items like shampoo and body wash. On the other hand, a shower recess refers to the complete shower cubicle, encompassing the walls and shower base, creating an enclosed shower area.

How tall should niche be?

The niche should be positioned on the wall at chest to eye-level, which typically ranges from 48 to 60 inches in height.

What kind of trim do you use for a shower niche?

The trim commonly used for a shower niche is schluter trim, which offers a seamless finish without requiring caulking. Schluter trim is typically crafted from materials like PVC or metal, such as aluminum, steel, or brass, and effectively hides the exposed edge of your niche.

Do adhesive shower shelves work?

Adhesive shower shelves may not be a reliable long-term solution as they tend to lose their grip over time. While they may initially work for a few weeks or months, there is a high chance that they will eventually detach from the wall, causing your shampoo and other products to fall.

Do you need bullnose tile for shower niche?

You do not need bullnose tile for a shower niche. Two alternative methods for tiling a shower niche without bullnose are using tile edge trim and mitering the tile corners.

What size should a shower niche be?

The ideal size for a shower niche is typically 12″ wide x 28″ high x 3-1/2″ deep, which is the most commonly purchased standard size for prefab tile ready foam board shower niches. This information is based on the sales volume of the leading brand in this category. Additionally, the second most popular size for these niches is 12″ x 12″.

How do you stick bathroom tiles to the wall?

To stick bathroom tiles to the wall, it is recommended to apply adhesive on the back of the tiles, especially when using small tile pieces. Afterward, use the notched side of the tile to score the adhesive and firmly press the cut tile onto the wall. To ensure consistent grout lines, plastic spacers can be used.

How do you stick shelves to a shower wall?

To stick shelves to a shower wall, you can ensure a secure attachment by inserting anchors into the slots you have cut in the tile. Apply a strong adhesive, such as super glue or Gorilla Glue, along the groove of the shelf. Then, position the shelf onto the anchors and firmly press it against the wall until it is flush. Once the glue has dried, your shelves will be securely attached and ready to use.

How do you hang things on bathroom tiles?

The following answer provides different methods for hanging things on bathroom tiles: Method 1 involves using a masonry bit to drill through the tile and then using wall anchors. Method 2 is similar, but suggests using different drill bits with the same wall anchors. Method 3 suggests skipping drilling altogether and instead gluing the item onto the tiles. Additionally, Method 4 suggests using Command Strips as an alternative solution.

What do you put behind shower wall tile?

The material that should be placed behind shower wall tile is cement board or a similar moisture-resistant backing material. This is necessary for tub and shower enclosures that are made up of tile or panel assemblies with caulked joints.

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