9+ French Country Furniture Brands for Chateau Inspired Design

French country furniture brands offer chateau-inspired designs with elegance and comfort. Discover curated collections from top brands to fit your home style and budget.

Are you looking to redecorate your home with French country furniture to achieve a chateau-inspired design? French Country is a popular design style because of its comfortable and casual elements.

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Best French Country Furniture Brands

The chateau-inspired design brings a classic look with simple elegance to your home. If you want to redecorate in a French country style with a chateau-inspired design, you may be looking for the right furniture brands for you. 

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to French country furniture brands so you can easily find the pieces that fit your home. 

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These French country furniture brands are ranked and listed in no particular order because everyone has their own style and preferences. 

1. Kathy Kuo Home

You will find a carefully curated collection of beautiful French country-inspired pieces at Kathy Kuo Home to fit your chateau-inspired style. Their collection ranges from refined to rustic, so it can easily fit any home. With furniture options for every room of your home, you are sure to find exactly what you need!

Finding exactly what you are looking for at Kathy Kup Home is simple, with many options to refine your search. There are options, including color, frame material, and price, to help find pieces that fit any home and budget. 

2. Zin Home

A large collection of French country-style furniture is available from Zin Home to help you achieve the chateau-inspired design you seek. Here you will find various options available at a discount, which is great for anyone on a budget. You are sure to find something you will love for your home.

Zin Home makes it easy to shop with all of their French country offerings in one place using their Collections feature. With offerings ranging from shelving units to bedroom sets, you can easily find pieces to fit your whole home. 

3. French Country Furniture USA 

If you are trying to focus on the more elegant and luxurious side of French chateau design, then French Country Furniture USA is definitely the place for you! Here you will find an impressive collection of French country furniture, offering everything from bedroom and living room furniture to pieces for your kitchen and dining rooms.

This is the place for you if you are looking for a large, curvy upholstered bed frame or gilded dining chairs. These are definitely statement pieces that will help set the mood you are trying to create for your home. 

4. Belle Escape

Belle Escape offers authentic French country furniture reproductions, so you can rest assured that you will find pieces that will fit seamlessly into your home. Combining old-world designs with modern touches brings this old-world style up to date.

Belle Escape is an excellent option when shopping for French chateau-inspired furniture. With everything from luxurious beds with elegant high headboards to tufted French sofas, Belle Escape has it all!

You can even find lighting options to help brighten up your home. If elegance and luxury are what you seek, look no further than Belle Escape. 

5. Lavender and Co.

At Lavender and Co., you can shop by style and find many options for your chateau-inspired design in their French country and romantic style category. Their furniture offerings include many elegant and sophisticated pieces that will bring any room to the next level. 

With options for all the rooms of your home, you will surely find something you will love. Lavender and Co. also have many offerings for decor and bedding to finish off your French chateau design. With everything from throw pillows to wall art, you can bring your design ideas to life. 

6. Perigold

If true luxury is your goal, then look no further than Perigold. Perigold is one of the leading suppliers of luxurious home furnishings worldwide. They offer an excellent selection of French country furniture, so you will find everything you need to fill your home with French elegance.

Perigold has many home decor offerings, including wallpaper, chandeliers, and wall art. You will find all of the elements you will need to complete all of your design ideas. With their Paris inspiration page, you are sure to find great options and inspiration for your chateau-inspired design. 

7. French Bedroom

Don’t let the name fool you, French Bedroom has much more to offer than bedroom furniture! Here you will find everything for your bedroom as well as the rest of your home. There is a little something for everyone with options from storage and seating to lighting and accessories.

They even offer pet beds so your furry friends can relax in the luxurious French style right along with you! Pull the whole look together with home accessories, including rugs and wall art. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it here. 

8. French Market Collection

French Market Collection has a wide variety of furniture options ranging from tables and chairs to bedroom furniture. They offer a variety of style options, so whether you lean more towards simple elegance or high luxury, you are sure to find something to fit your home. 

Once you have selected your furniture options, you can bring it all together with suitable items from their art and decor selections. You can even find pillows and rugs to help finish off the look! Find everything you need for your French chateau-inspired home at French Market Collection. 

9. Painted Fox Home

Painted Fox Home boasts heirloom quality furniture and decor, so if you are looking for high-quality pieces for your home, look no further. They offer beautifully curated collections of home decor, including a French country collection. Painted Fox has made it easy to find all of their French country offerings with their “shop the look” option. Here you will find everything from chandeliers to tufted sofas and more.

With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect piece to fit into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about French country furniture brands? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who makes French provincial furniture?

Many American brands manufacture French provincial furniture. In addition to the above-mentioned, notable brands such as Drexel Heritage Company, Henredon, and Thomasville Furniture all produce French provincial furniture. 

What is country French furniture?

Country French furniture is typically crafted with natural materials, featuring curved lines and intricate details. This style of furniture generally captures the disposition of the alluring French countryside.

Is French country style timeless?

Yes. Most designers would agree that the French country style is timeless. This furniture style is steeped in the French tradition, making it suitable for many different styles, designs, and time periods.

Where does French provincial furniture come from?

The French provincial furniture style was developed in French province workshops during the 18th century. Unlike Paris, these workshops were typically located in places such as Liège and Lyon.

Is French country decor outdated?

French country decor is not outdated; instead, it presents a modernized version that has been adapted to suit our current lifestyle, blending elements of both the past and the present.

What is the difference between French country and farmhouse style?

The difference between French country and farmhouse style lies in their approach to design. French country design incorporates rustic aesthetics and elegant styles, while farmhouse style prioritizes practicality and simplicity for a comfortable living space. If you are looking to add a more rustic look to your home, it is important to carefully consider and understand these distinctions.

What is the difference between French country and English cottage style?

The difference between French country and English cottage style lies in the absence of rafter tail kick in English designs, unlike the French counterparts. Additionally, English cottage homes are characterized by squared off windows, diamond shaped window panes, and squared off openings.

What is French country cottage style?

French country cottage style is a delightful blend of various elements that come together harmoniously. It incorporates a variety of patterns and intricate details such as gilding, carved raw wood, linens, velvets, brocades, worn paint, and oversized mirrors. The furniture in this style is simple yet charming, featuring farm tables and built-in cupboards. The fabrics used are typically simple cottons and pretty floral prints. To complete the look, fresh flowers are a must-have.

What is the difference between French country and French provincial?

The difference between French country and French provincial lies in their emphasis on different aspects of interior design. French provincial tends to prioritize luxury, while French country leans towards rustic charm. However, in contemporary interior design, these two styles often complement each other to create a cozy and hygge-inspired ambiance in homes.

What is French colonial style furniture?

French colonial style furniture is characterized by its elegant silhouette, incorporating carvings, curved details, and soft tones. Typically crafted from wood, either in its natural state or painted, these pieces often feature additional natural materials such as wrought iron or linen. They are known for their graceful ornaments and intricate details.

What is French country farmhouse style?

French country farmhouse style combines architectural details such as sconces, painted brick, dormer windows, and elegant landscaping to create a distinct French ambiance. The exteriors of these houses are typically adorned with stone and feature muted colors like blue or gray. The presence of expansive gardens in the backyard adds a lush and inviting touch to these homes.

What are the key elements of French country style?

The key elements of French country style include the use of natural materials, subdued colors, toile fabrics, opulent lighting, hints of gold, tapestries, and other rustic elements. We have compiled a collection of 25 fashionable illustrations of French country style, ranging from contemporary interpretations and eclectic visions to traditional renditions.

Is French provincial the same as French country?

French provincial is not the same as French country. French country decor is known for its blend of elegance and rusticity, with the French farmhouse style being particularly rustic and the Provincial style having a warmer feel.

What is rustic French country style?

Rustic French country style is a combination of European elegance and rustic comforts, incorporating calming colors, delicate patterns, and vintage elements to achieve a welcoming and refined aesthetic that also exudes a sense of being well-loved and lived-in.

What does French provincial style look like?

French provincial style is characterized by the use of natural colors inspired by the landscape, incorporating stone elements, featuring country-style kitchens with white interiors, and incorporating metals and wood for elegant and timeless finishes.

How to make a house look French country?

To make a house have a French country look, one can achieve this by incorporating soft colors and warm neutrals as the main color scheme. This relaxed European style often combines muted shades of blue, red, pink, and green with creamy whites and wood tones.

How do you get the French farmhouse look?

The French farmhouse look can be achieved by incorporating antique candlesticks, three-legged stools, old chests, and wooden benches and tables. Rustic objects with imperfections are also essential as they add character, authenticity, and create a sense of a well-loved and lived-in space, which are all key qualities of the French country farmhouse style.

What is modern French country design?

Modern French country design is an elevated version of the modern farmhouse style that combines old-world charm with a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. This design style incorporates natural wood beams, textural accents with a hint of antiquity, and sleek, clean lines to create a beloved and timeless look.

What colors are in French country design?

The colors commonly found in French country design include green, blue, pink, red, and yellow, which can be combined in various shades to create a harmonious and appealing aesthetic.

Can you mix French country with modern?

French country can be mixed with modern to create a captivating blend of old-world charm and contemporary chic. While French country exudes a soft and rustic feel, modern design brings a fresh and sleek aesthetic. The warmth of French country is beautifully balanced by the coolness of modern elements. When these two styles are combined, the result is truly magical.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for French country furniture brands to bring a chateau-inspired style into your home, there are many options to choose from. You can easily find the perfect furniture for your chateau-inspired home by browsing what these brands have to offer.

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