8+ French Door Brands for Beautiful Homes

French doors add beauty and light to homes with various colors and styles. Brands like Pella offer consultations and quality installation, while Renewal by Andersen focuses on energy efficiency and security. Therma-Tru Doors prioritize customization, Ply Gem emphasizes energy efficiency, and Feldco offers custom doors with built-in blinds. ProVia provides extensive customization options, Masonite offers doors with smart features, and Bee Window focuses on design options. French doors are timeless, versatile, and can open in or out based on personal preference.

You can make a home look beautiful in many ways, but French doors do quite a lot. They allow you to see the room beyond while inviting plenty of natural light into your home. Did we mention how many colors and styles they come in to match your home’s decor?

You want your home to be as beautiful as possible, and so do we. So we compiled a list of French door brands for beautiful homes for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

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Pella brings their services home to you with in-home consultations and excellent warranties on each door.

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If you have ideas, Pella’s experts will show you all options and explain how said door will work in your home, or they will show off their dozens of custom options.

The company prides itself not only on its door design options but also on top-tier installation. They pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your doors fit perfectly with your decor, and they don’t leave a speck of dust behind after installation.

Most importantly, they create doors that fit within your budget and keep you in the loop until your installation is complete.

Renewal by Andersen

Although Renewal by Andersen deals in windows and doors, they still have an impressive selection of doors. They have a unique and high-quality Frenchwood door with ball-bearing pivots, a climate-neutral performance, glass-fiber reinforcement to lower maintenance, and a five-point locking system for extra security.

This particular door also comes with special weather stripping to prevent drafts and save you on energy bills. Best of all, the door can swing in or out, comes in either single or multi-panel configuration, and has plenty of design options.

They have a nifty visual design tool on their website to see your door come to life before making any purchases.

Therma-Tru Doors

We like how Therma-Tru Doors allows you to design your door from the get-go. You’ll find a whole menu on the main page sidebar for colors, materials, glass type, architectural style, glass design, and even where you want the door to go in your home.

The doors listed present a marvelous place to begin, with various glass designs and colors quickly catching the eye.

Therma-Tru even carries storm doors that can withstand brutal weather while keeping your home beautiful.

Each storm door has a multi-point lock, a double weatherstrip for extra protection, and special glass that helps improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Plus, the retractable screen can easily slide up when not in use.

Ply Gem Windows & Doors

Whether the door needs to swing out or slide in, Ply Gem has the perfect French door for your home. You can customize your door’s interior and exterior with various colors, grille patterns, hardware finishes, and glass packages. They even offer special Low-E glass to ensure maximum energy efficiency in your home.

Other glass options help increase your safety in rough weather and privacy and reduce outdoor sounds. Some doors are even impact-tested in areas where hurricanes may occur.

This applies to all doors, including their unique multi-slide doors, which help bring an open-concept appeal to your home.


Feldco manufactures custom doors completely from scratch, keeping each customer’s specific dimensions and style preferences in mind.

Their installers go through vigorous training before their first job, and a second installation team inspects each job to ensure the highest quality for each customer.

Each Feldco door has a foam core and double pane glass treated with argon gas to provide extra protection and insulation. They also come with built-in blinds, which go between the door’s double pane glass window, pull down with an easy-to-use slide, and make the door easier to clean.

Most doors come in steel or fiberglass to reduce contracting and expansion.

Bee Window

Don’t let the name fool you: Bee Window is a premier French door brand. They have a wide gallery of doors to select from, and you can have an in-home or virtual meeting with a specialist to review your French door options.

Their French doors have many of the same perks we’ve discussed with previous French door brands.

There are plenty of glass panes and glass features to make your French doors truly unique to your home’s style. They also make storm doors if you live in a hurricane-prone area with the same features as a regular French door.


Provia prides itself on offering the maximum amount of customization options for French doors. They even offer a stained glass option on top of energy-efficient glass, grids, and internal blinds, as well as woodgrain or smooth finishes.

Their decorative and stained glass options are particularly appealing, literally bringing more color and personality to whatever space they sit in.

Each French door comes with a different warranty depending on the materials used, and they continue to add new styles to their catalog.

As a company, ProVia has won several accolades for excellence, including the Energy Star Award for making high-quality energy-efficient doors.


Masonite seems to make a door for every possible need. They carry doors that include video doorbells, smart locks and lights, doors that keep water off better, and doors with more soundproof seals.

If you’re unsure where to begin, they have a design catalog and details on which door styles are currently trending.

Whether you need a fancy, smoothly finished door for inside your home or woodgrain French-style barn doors, Masonite can easily make it happen.

FAQs about French Doors

Before you go shopping for the perfect French doors for your home, we should make a few clarifications about the product.

Are French doors in style?

French doors have always had a classic, elegant style to them, and it’s hard for that to go out of style. They’re also aesthetically pleasing enough that several homes will still use them for years to come.

What is the difference between French doors and double doors?

Although French doors and double doors have a few things in common, they have one main difference. French doors typically have panes of glass in the center to allow more light into the room and double the living space. Double doors do not usually share this feature.

Are French doors more expensive?

French doors usually tend to be more expensive since they may require fancy glasswork and installation labor costs. Costs may range anywhere from $500 to $4,000 per door, depending on the features you select.

What is a true French door?

When people say “French door,” they tend to refer to doors with large panes of glass in the center. They may come in grid patterns or in one large glass pane that is left plain or has special designs inlaid into the glass.

Either way, a true French door that flows with French furniture is mostly composed of glass with a wooden border and sometimes a wooden grid pattern across it.

Some people use French doors as actual entrances between rooms, while others will keep them locked to let you look inside a room but not enter through them.

Are French doors the same as patio doors?

French doors are only the same as patio doors if they open onto a patio. In this manner, French doors can open outdoors either on inswing or outswing hinges or on a sliding track. 

What is best for French doors?

The best option for French doors depends on various factors. uPVC French doors are a cost-effective choice, while composite doors offer exceptional strength and enhance home security. Timber French doors are highly favored due to their visually appealing appearance.

Is it better to have French doors open in or out?

The question of whether it is better to have French doors open in or out ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you prioritize maximizing internal floor space, then opting for French doors that open outward would be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you value better weatherproofing and want to make the most of your patio or garden area, it would be advisable to install French doors that open inwards.

Which wood is best for French doors?

The best wood for French doors is often hardwood, as it offers both aesthetic appeal and enhanced security. Manufacturers commonly utilize hardwood options that have been skillfully engineered to prevent warping or rotting, ensuring long-lasting durability. On the other hand, while softwood doors are typically more affordable, they are less suitable for external installation due to their lower resistance to decay.

What are standard French doors?

Standard French doors are typically 79.5 inches in height and have a width of 6 feet. It is also possible to increase the width by adding sidelites. There are several commonly produced sizes of French doors that can be considered as standard sizes.

What type of door is most popular?

The most popular type of door is the single-hinged door, which is commonly used for interior spaces. Hinged doors require sufficient space for swinging open, so room design must accommodate this. Interior doors are typically lightweight and equipped with two hinges, while exterior doors are heavier and often have three hinges.

Why French doors are best?

French doors are the best because they not only allow natural light to enter from the outside, but they also have the ability to make any space feel more spacious compared to regular windows. Additionally, they can effectively fill wide door openings within the interior and create an aesthetically pleasing transition between rooms, which can be closed off as necessary.

Which one is better French door or side by side?

The better option between a French door and side by side refrigerator depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prefer to have ample space for fresh ingredients or frequently store wide or oversized dishes, a French door refrigerator would be more suitable. On the other hand, if you require more freezer capacity and prefer to have both fresh and frozen items at eye level, a side by side refrigerator would be a better choice.

Which is best patio or French doors?

The best option between patio doors and French doors depends on the available space and desired style. If there is ample room to allow for a wide swing arc, French doors can add a touch of European elegance and serve as a design focal point. On the other hand, if space is limited, sliding patio doors might be a more practical choice.

What is the life expectancy of a French door?

The life expectancy of a French door depends on its placement and material. Interior French doors typically last 30-50 years, while exterior ones may have a shorter lifespan. Some patio door companies provide lifetime warranties, but the duration of the service depends on the specific material that needs replacement.

What is the difference between a double door and a French door?

The difference between a double door and a French door lies in the material used for their construction. Double doors are typically constructed from solid wood, while French doors are crafted with glass panels that allow natural light to illuminate the space.

Are French doors cheaper than sliding doors?

French doors are more expensive than sliding doors, however, they are favored by homeowners who desire a traditional design scheme. On the other hand, sliding doors are less costly and provide homes with a contemporary appearance and ample natural light. It is recommended to have both types of doors professionally installed to prevent any potential structural issues.

Are French doors a good investment?

French doors are a worthwhile investment for your home as they have a relatively low cost but can greatly enhance its resale value, making them almost self-paying.

Is it hard to install French doors?

Installing French doors can be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to maneuvering the heavy doors into place. However, with some assistance, it is manageable. The most important aspect is ensuring that the door frame is level, as this will determine whether the doors sit perfectly flush or not.

How long do wooden French doors last?

Wooden French doors can last for approximately 60 years with proper maintenance. Additionally, they have the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly compared to uPVC doors. Over their lifespan, timber-based door and window frames can even help reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Do French doors open in or out?

French doors typically open outwards, but they can also be installed to open inwards if space is limited in your garden. Opting for an inward opening configuration can offer added security as the hinges will be concealed inside your home.

Are French doors energy efficient?

French doors are more energy efficient than typical sliding doors due to the well-balanced combination of glass and wood in their frames. Additionally, a high-quality set of French doors will feature a robust seal to further enhance their energy efficiency.

Are French doors cheaper?

French doors are typically less expensive than patio doors, although the cost can vary depending on factors like material, size, design, and additional features. If you’re comparing the same material and brand, French doors are generally the more affordable option.

What is the ideal French door size?

The ideal size for French doors can vary, but typically they are 80 inches long and 72 inches wide. Additionally, French doors are available in widths of 5 and 8 feet. These double doors or windows, commonly known as French doors, are popular choices for enhancing the exterior of a home. It is important to obtain accurate measurements to ensure a successful installation.

Are French doors timeless?

French doors have stood the test of time as a timeless classic, having been in existence for centuries. Their association with grandeur and elegance is well-deserved, as they possess a distinct charm that distinguishes them from other door types. The presence of French doors can effortlessly revamp the ambiance and aesthetic of any room.

What are the variations of French doors?

The variations of French doors include external French doors, internal French doors, wood French doors, glass French doors, metal French doors, sliding French doors, bifold French doors, and French pocket doors.

Are double doors the same as French doors?

Double doors and French doors are not the same. One key distinction between them lies in the materials used for their construction. While double doors are typically crafted from solid wood, French doors are made with glass panels that allow natural light to illuminate the area.

What is the piece of wood between French doors called?

The piece of wood between French doors is called an astragal. In the case of double doors in a front door design, an astragal is the vertical piece that runs between the two panels.

What are the different types of wooden French doors?

The different types of wooden French doors include Pine, Oak, Spruce, Larch, as well as the tropical woods Eucalyptus and Meranti. By opting for a wooden French door, you have a variety of options to choose from that will suit your home. Additionally, you can enjoy the advantages of excellent thermal insulation provided by these popular natural materials.

What is the difference between a patio door and a French door?

The difference between a patio door and a French door lies in their opening mechanisms. A patio door slides along a track to one side, ensuring that no space in your garden is taken up by outward swinging doors. On the other hand, French doors are double doors that are hinged and open outward onto your garden or patio.

What goes between two French doors?

The vertical strip that is placed in between two French doors is called an astragal. This strip is attached to the inactive door pane, which is the panel that is not typically used for entry and exit, in a French door system.

What are French doors called when only one door opens?

French doors are called center hinge doors when only one door opens. Center hinge doors are used when there is enough wall space for a French or Patio door, but the preference is for only one side to open. These doors provide the appearance of a French door, but they have a hinge in the center, allowing the opening to be on either the right or left side instead of the center.

Which glass is best for French doors?

The best glass for French doors depends on various factors, including the desired level of privacy and decorative options. In addition, it is important to note that all glass in doors must be tempered. For French doors installed in hurricane-prone areas or for enhanced security, a combination of tempered and laminated glass is commonly used.

What are French doors with windows called?

French doors with windows are called portes-fenêtres in France, which translates to ‘windowed doors’ or ‘door-sized windows’.

What makes French doors unique?

French doors are unique because they have a distinct look due to the wider thickness of the lower rail compared to the top and sides, setting them apart from standard patio doors.

Does Larson make French doors?

Larson does offer a variety of double-door options, including French exterior doors, which are a popular choice in modern home design due to their timeless appeal and versatility. These doors not only enhance the aesthetic of your entryway but also provide added protection, increased natural light, improved ventilation, and enhanced security for your home.

Are Anderson doors good quality?

The quality of Anderson doors is considered to be good. Anderson is a reputable window and door manufacturer with a long history of serving customers in the United States and around the world. They are well-known for their high-quality window framing, energy-efficient technologies, and a wide range of window series that cater to various design and functional requirements.

Does renewal by Andersen have a good reputation?

Renewal by Andersen’s reputation is generally positive, with customers often commending the company’s personable and professional customer service representatives. However, some concerns have been raised regarding the company’s pricing being on the higher side and extended wait times experienced by certain customers.

Are French doors dated?

French doors are not dated; they are a timeless addition to a home and have remained stylish for many years.

Should French doors open in or out?

French doors can open either in or out, and the choice depends on personal preference. If you prioritize maximizing internal floor space, it is recommended to opt for French doors that open outward. On the other hand, if you prefer better weatherproofing and want to maximize patio or garden space, it is advised to install French doors that open inwards.

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