9 Helpful Storage Ideas for RV Closets & Shelves

Maximize RV closet space with hanging organizers, stackable shelves, tension rods, and custom shelving. Keep most-used items accessible and store less-used gear smartly for a cleaner, organized living space.

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If you’re tired of wasting space inside your rig, this is the post for you. Check out these easy tips for upping the storage area in your closets.

Hanging shelves, stackable shelves, tiered bins, tension shelves, and closet door storage can all help you make better use of your space. And remember, an organized RV leads to a cleaner RV.

Keeping your most-used items in the most accessible areas, and storing less-used gear under the bed or dinette, will help you keep your living space tidy.

So let’s dive into these exciting storage ideas for RV closets.

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Hanging Organizers: A Compact Solution

Hanging organizers are one of the best ways to maximize space in small closets. We all know how quickly hanging clothes can take up all your storage space.

But with a hanging organizer equipped with easy-to-access baskets, you can store everything from shirts to pants to shorts.

Installation is easy too – all you need is a tension rod if one isn’t already in place.

These removable baskets make it easy to put away clothes and keep your small closet from becoming a mess just a few days after laundry day.

I personally have used this clothing organization strategy with success in the wardrobes of a motorhome, a sailboat, and currently in the spare closet of our travel trailer.

But remember, when purchasing a hanging organizer, check the width to ensure it will fit in your wardrobe area. Length is not usually an issue. You can tape unused shelves with fabric tape if the shelf is too long.

DIY RV Closet Ideas

If you can’t find something that fits your needs perfectly, don’t worry!

With some time and effort, you can customize your space and have the perfectly organized RV closet of your dreams.

The process of organizing your closet is unique to you and your RV, and often you’ll discover the best storage ideas for your space by trial and error.

But every RVer needs a few clothes storage ideas to give them a place to start!

Want more tips on organizing your RV? For more RV storage solutions, organization hacks, and space-saving ideas for your tiny home, keep reading our guide.

Shoe Organization

Over the door hanging textile material shoe storage organizer

There are many ways to store shoes in an RV, and everyone seems to do it a bit differently. However, most methods involve a hanging shoe organizer.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that you can simply buy a shoe hanging organizer and cut it to the spec you need for your space.

Use wire Command hooks to hang the organizer exactly where you want it without drilling holes in the wall. Remember to choose the 5-pound hooks for the most stability.

Stackable Plastic Drawers

Stacks of plastic drawers for home or office using

This RV closet organizer idea is very similar to the hanging storage organizer. The main difference is these drawers sit on your closet floor instead of hanging from a clothing rod.

You won’t need to consider how much weight you put in these drawers like you would with hanging storage.

Laundry Hamper Storage

Assortment of Plastic Containers for Storing Things and Organizing Home Space and Interior Decor, Laundry Baskets, Boxes, Garbage Bucket, Household Goods for Sale in the Store on the Shelf Retail

Depending on your RV style and size, you might have a more creative solution for laundry. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for more laundry organization ideas.

Whether you choose a hanging laundry bag or carve out space in the bottom of the closet for laundry, there are many options available.

When we moved into our travel trailer, I carved out a spot for two slim laundry bins in a cabinet so we could easily throw clothes in the baskets and keep them tucked away.

RV Closet Hangers

If you have an RV closet with hanging space, you might actually want to use it to hang some clothes!

Don’t be fooled into using any type of closet hanger. You’ll want thin hangers to take full advantage of the space when hanging clothes.

Most slim hangers are also non-slip, perfect for keeping clothes in place on RV travel days.

Packing Cube Organization

Cube meshed bags with rolled clothes, t-shirt, pants. Set of travel organizer to help packing luggage easy, well organized

Whether you’re organizing a small closet or storing extra towels or specialty clothing (such as bathing suits or hiking gear), packing cubes are the perfect option for organizing different styles or types of clothing.

Depending on what you wear in your RV lifestyle, you can choose a few different ways to organize packing cubes.

Custom Shelving

One of the best ways to create extra storage in your tiny closet is to create shelving for your RV closet.

Sometimes you can do this with the hanging organizer mentioned above, but other times you might need to make custom shelving.

To take advantage of a deep wardrobe, you can install a wire shelf (cut to the right size) near the back of the cabinet. This setup is great for utilizing space in the back of the wardrobe while still allowing plenty of access in the front.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum sealing (clothes, duvets, blankets, sheets) to save space.

If you are a full-time RVer, you will need a way to store off-season clothing. One space-efficient way to store clothing you don’t readily need is with vacuum storage bags.

These bags save a lot of space and protect your clothes from dust, moisture, and pests.

Remember, every RVer needs a few clothes storage ideas to give them a place to start. And these tips shared today should provide you with enough inspiration to start organizing your RV closet.

After all, a clutter-free environment leads to a stress-free living experience, especially on the road. So, get started on arranging your RV closet now and enjoy a tidier, more organized RV life!

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