5 Pet Safe Essential Oils for Candles: Create a Safe Ambience

Pet-safe candles like Pet House, Gerrard Larriett, CoCo Benjamin, YFYTRE, and Grove Company offer soy-based, non-toxic options with various scents to create a safe and cozy atmosphere for your pets.

Candles can add a romantic touch to dinner or a relaxing ambiance to a bath. But they become much less romantic and relaxing if they pose risks to your pets.

With that in mind, several candle companies have gone out of their way to create pet-safe candles.

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Pet House Candles

One Fur All, Pet House Candle - 100% Soy Wax Candle - Pet Odor Eliminator for Home - Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Air Freshening Scented Candles (Pack of 1, Apple Cider)

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Pet House candles don’t just make the room smell nice. They neutralize overwhelming smells like cat litter.

The candles use soy-based wax, ensuring their safety for the animals in your life. They also offer a variety of scents. Many are citrus, which we appreciate because it deters curious felines from getting too close while still smelling nice.

But they also do more seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice or Lavender.

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Cat Candles

Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets, Pet Odor Eliminator & Animal Lover Gift - 6 OZ (170 g)

Gerrard Larriett’s aromatherapy candles are another example of some of the best pet-safe candles on the market.

Like others on this list, they use soy-based wax. But what’s interesting about these candles is that they are multi-purpose. While all aromatherapy candles have lovely scents, they also have a therapeutic aspect.

These candles also help your pet’s lifestyle. Notice as you scroll through scents that they have names like:

  • Relaxing
  • De-stressing
  • Calming

The scents behind each candle are carefully curated to do what they say on the tin. Not only will this remove doggy smells from your living room, but it’s an innovative way to treat things like separation anxiety without resorting to medication or synthetic pheromones.

Classic signs of separation anxiety include:

  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Indoor urination

By treating the cause, not just the symptoms, Aromatherapy runs the risk of putting itself out of a job since a calmer, unstressed animal won’t exhibit these symptoms. Or it would if they, like us, didn’t have faith that your dog could find other innovative ways to make the house smell doggy.

CoCo Benjamin Candles

(Basil, Lime & Mandarin) 8.1 oz,100% Soy, Hand Poured Soy Candle, Highly Scented

Although not advertised as pet-safe, Coco Benjamin’s candles rank among the best pet-safe candles for creating a safe, cozy atmosphere.

They are soy-based, which is essential when looking for pet-safe candles. They also burn evenly and for protracted periods of time.

One reservation of ours is that these candles derive some scents from essential oils. It can vary based on the scent, but essential oils can be toxic to pets. So do your research before settling on a scent.

That said, many people used CoCo Benjamin candles to combat pet odors and found them not only effective but reported no impact on their pets.

YFYTRE Jar Candles

YFYTRE 4 Pack Scented Candle Set Soy Wax Candles, Aromatherapy Candles for Home Decoration, Jar Candles Gift for Women with Amber Glass Jars and Kraft Wrapping

These jar candles burn beautifully. The cotton wick keeps smoke to a minimum, though you still need to remember to trim it.

Like other candles we’ve mentioned, these are soy-based candles, so the wax isn’t toxic to pets. The other advantage of soy candles is that they don’t burn as quickly as paraffin-based candles. So you get more scent for longer.

These candles also keep oils to a minimum. Instead, the scents are primarily fragrance-based. In other words, they are synthetic, and while they smell lovely, they won’t be as damaging to pets as essential oils. They still smell lovely but won’t harm your pets.

Keep in mind that these candles aren’t as large or as strongly scented as others on the list.

So, while they burn well and smell sweet, they may not be the most effective if you need a candle to neutralize or reduce other odors.

Grove Company Candles

Finally, grove candles are another soy-based wax candle that’s safe for pets.

Instead of oils, they use natural fragrances, which helps reduce their toxicity to pets. They aren’t only beneficial for pets. The candles are eco-friendly and can be safely recycled.

They are affordable and burn for up to 45 hours. Like all candles, you’ll need to trim the wick to keep them burning evenly, but provided you keep them out of reach of your pets, you don’t have to worry about their safety.

What Makes for the Best Pet-Safe Candles?

So, those are the best pet-safe candles. But why are they better than others? Here are things to consider when looking for candles that smell sweet but can’t hurt your pets.

Soy-Based Wax 

Typically, candles come from paraffin wax. But paraffin contains chemicals, and as the candle burns, the wax releases those into the air.

It may not bother you, but the combination of your pet’s smaller stature and sensitive nose ensures those chemicals bother them. And the longer you burn the candle, the more chemicals it exposes your pets to.

The prolonged exposure can cause toxicity and adversely affect your pet.

Avoid Essential Oils 

Another candle staple is essential oils. They are therapeutic and smell wonderful, but they are also toxic to pets. That’s true whether you apply them topically to your pet or diffuse them through a candle.

Instead, you want to look for natural scents and fragrances that don’t rely on essential oils. Otherwise, you can exacerbate conditions like feline asthma.

Cotton Wicks 

Another potential danger to your pets is candles with lead wicks. Lead has a long history of being poisonous to people and animals.

It wiped out swathes of Ancient Rome, and when you burn lead-based wicks around your pets, you unwittingly risk poisoning them, too.

To promote a pet-safe space, look for candles with cotton wicks. They can still burn effectively and evenly, but they don’t release the same toxins as their lead equivalents.

Which candle brands are safe for dogs?

As mentioned above, some of the best candle brands that are safe for dogs include Pet House Candles, Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Cat Candles, CoCo Benjamin Candles, YFYTRE Jar Candles, and Grove Company Candles. They’re all soy-based and use all-natural ingredients.

What kind of candles are safe for pets?

Hopefully, this list of the best pet-safe candles proves it’s possible to find pet-friendly candles.

Look for candles that have:

  • Soy-based wax 
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Cotton wick 

Crucially, remember to supervise your pet or keep the candles out of reach, and you will avoid any health-related problems.

Are Yankee Candles pet safe?

It depends on the candle and the pet. For example, Yankee Candles use paraffin wax, so they aren’t as safe for your pet as soy-based candles. However, some Yankee Candles are soy-based, making them safer.

The bottom line: If you are considering buying a Yankee Candle and have pets, read the ingredients carefully.

Is it safe to burn scented candles around pets?

There are always risks to burning candles around pets. Curious cats may set fire to their tails or whiskers if they get too close. That makes it vital you supervise your pet around candles.

More importantly, there are no candles you can safely burn around birds. It doesn’t matter if the candle you choose is paraffin, soy, or beeswax-based. The smoke adversely affects their respiratory system. So, if you are battling bird-related smells, you need to find another way to neutralize them.

What candles are safe to burn around cats?

Candles made from beeswax, soy wax, or vegetable-based wax are generally safer to burn around cats as they do not contain toxic pollutants. Additionally, these types of candles tend to have a longer burning time compared to paraffin wax candles. If you suspect that your cat may have been poisoned by something in your home, it is important to learn how to recognize the signs of poisoning.

Can I burn a eucalyptus candle around my dog?

It is not recommended to burn a eucalyptus candle around your dog as certain oils, including eucalyptus oil, can pose serious health risks to dogs if ingested. Ingestion of these oils may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially liver failure. Additionally, burning candles or using diffusers can emit fumes that can be harmful to a dog’s respiratory system if inhaled excessively.

Which candle brands are safe for dogs?

The answer to the question of which candle brands are safe for dogs is as follows: The “Dream” Luxury Candle (bergamot, lavender, ginger), the “Home” Luxury Candle (bergamot), the “Brownstone” Luxury Candle (bergamot), and the “Medieval Garden” Luxury Candle (frankincense, myrrh) are all safe for dogs.

What brand of candles are safe for cats?

The Pet House Candle by One Fur All is a safe brand of candles for cats as they are made with 100% natural soy wax, a quality non-toxic fragrance, and a 100% cotton wick. These candles do not contain any colors, paraffin, sarabands, formaldehyde, or other harmful substances that can be dangerous for pets.

Is Air Wick Essential Mist safe for pets?

The Air Wick Essential Mist is safe for pets, but it is important to note that pets who are sensitive to fragrances should not be exposed to it. It is also advisable to place the Air Wick Essential Mist in a well-ventilated area.

Are soy wax candles safe?

Soy wax candles made with 100% GMO-free soy wax are considered safe. These candles burn cleanly, eliminating the risk of inhaling harmful smoke or pollutants that could be potentially deadly. Additionally, they do not leave behind black soot, preventing any staining on your walls and ceilings.

Is lavender safe for dogs?

The safety of lavender for dogs should be considered carefully. Lavender can be toxic to dogs, particularly if ingested. Additionally, the strong scent of lavender can potentially cause respiratory symptoms in certain dogs due to their heightened sense of smell. It is important to note that both the lavender plant and essential oils can pose a danger to your pet.

Are wax melts toxic to dogs?

Wax melts are generally safe to use around pets, but caution should be taken. It is recommended to use natural waxes with non-toxic essential oils or fragrance oils. To prevent any harm, keep wax melts out of reach of pets and opt for electric heaters instead of naked flames to avoid soot.

How do I know if my candles are pet safe?

To determine if your candles are safe for pets, carefully examine the ingredients and search for candles specifically labeled as “dog safe.” Ensure that the candles are placed on elevated surfaces that are inaccessible to your dog, preventing any accidental burning of fur. Opt for candles made from vegetable wax, soy, or beeswax as these are preferable choices.

What candles are safe for cats and dogs?

Pet-safe candles that are safe to burn around cats and dogs include those made from Soy, natural beeswax, or any other 100% plant or vegetable waxes. For instance, candles made from 100% beeswax or other plant/vegetable waxes like soy are safe options.

Can you burn candles around pets?

Burning candles around pets may not be advisable, especially for dogs with respiratory conditions like seasonal allergies, bronchitis, or asthma. The presence of scented candles in the house can potentially worsen these conditions.

Is is OK to burn candles with a cat?

It is generally safe to burn candles with a cat as long as you are vigilant. When a candle is lit, it is important to always keep a close eye on your pets, even though we enjoy lighting scented candles to set the mood.

Are Mrs Meyers candles safe for pets?

Mrs. Meyer’s candles are safe for pets as they are crafted using naturally derived ingredients. Additionally, opting for Mrs. Meyer’s soy candles is a better choice for both pets and people, as opposed to paraffin wax candles that produce black soot. Breathing in this soot can be harmful, and it can also negatively impact the cleanliness of your carpets and curtains.

How do you make a pet safe candle?

To make a pet-safe candle, it is recommended to use candle base ingredients made from entirely natural sources such as 100% beeswax, coconut wax, rapeseed wax, sunflower seed wax, soy wax, or other vegetable-based waxes.

Are smoke odor candles pet friendly?

Smoke odor candles are pet friendly as they are proven to combat various odors, including those caused by pets, cooking, trash, cigarettes, cigars, and more. With a burn time of approximately 55-70 hours, these environmentally friendly candles can be safely lit in your home.

What candles are non toxic?

The candles that are non-toxic include Grow Fragrance Candles, which are the best nontoxic candles with refills. Slow North Candles are also a great option as they are made with soy wax. For those looking for scents inspired by nature and travel, the Brooklyn Candle Studio Candle is the best choice. Lastly, Pure Plant Home Candles, made with coconut wax, are another excellent non-toxic candle option.

What scents are safe for dogs?

The scents that are safe for dogs include peppermint, lavender, ginger, and rosemary.

Which essential oils are dog safe?

The following essential oils are safe for dogs: Lavender oil, which is known for its calming effect and is commonly used for humans; Frankincense oil; Chamomile oil; Cedarwood oil; Helichrysum oil; and Fennel oil.

What essential oils are safe for cats to smell?

The best essential oils that are safe for cats to smell include rosemary, copaiba, helichrysum, oregano, frankincense, and cedarwood essential oil. Cats can also tolerate chamomile, lavender, thyme, and valerian essential oils at very diluted concentrations.

Are all soy candles safe for pets?

All soy candles are not safe for pets, as there are potential risks associated with ingestion of the wax or exposure to toxic essential oils in the scent. While soy wax itself is generally considered non-toxic and safe, it is important to be cautious when using soy candles around dogs and cats.

Are soy wax candles toxic to cats?

Soy wax candles are not toxic to cats and are a safe alternative to commercial paraffin candles. Organic wax candles, including soy, beeswax, and coconut wax candles, do not emit toxins when burned. These types of candles are environmentally friendly and burn cleanly and safely, posing no risk to you or your feline companion.

Are candles and wax melts bad for pets?

Candles and wax melts can be harmful to pets due to the fragrance they emit. The fragrances in these products are composed of chemicals that include natural ingredients like Benzene, which has a sweet scent and is commonly found in wax melts. However, these fragrances can cause respiratory issues in both humans and pets.

Are fragrance oils in candles safe for pets?

Fragrance oils in candles may not be safe for pets, as stated by the Humane Society of the United States. Some scented candles have the potential to emit harmful toxins, such as benzene, toluene, and xylene, which can pose health risks to pets.

Are soy wax candles toxic free?

Soy wax candles are considered non-toxic since they are made from a natural material. Unlike other types of wax, which may contain chemical fragrances and scent boosters that can potentially cause headaches, soy wax is a safer option. On the other hand, when paraffin wax is burned, it releases carcinogens into the air.

What candle scents are not safe for cats?

Candle scents that are not safe for cats include, but are not limited to: wintergreen, sweet birch, citronella oils and candles, citrus (d-limonene), pine, ylang-ylang, peppermint, cinnamon, pennyroyal, clove, eucalyptus, tea tree (melaleuca), thyme, oregano, and lavender.

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