7 RV TV Mount Ideas to Enhance Your Mobile Home

Mounting a TV in an RV can be tricky due to limited space and movement. RV TV mounts, like lockable, versatile, and swivel types, offer solutions for secure installation and flexible viewing.

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Television has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether you are at home or on the road, a TV can provide entertainment, news, and even a sense of comfort.

But when it comes to installing a television in an RV, things can get a bit complicated. There is limited space, and many factors need to be considered to ensure a secure and convenient setup.

This is where RV TV mounts come into play. They are specially designed to handle the unique challenges of mounting a TV in an RV.

As the RV moves, it can cause a lot of vibration and movement. A good RV TV mount is designed to handle these movements and keep your TV secure.

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Mounting a TV in an RV requires some basic tools. These include a drill, screws, a stud finder, and a level to ensure that the mount is installed straight.

Always refer to the instructions provided with the mount for the best installation process.

Remember, when mounting a TV in an RV, it’s important to find a strong support structure, like a stud or backer board, to anchor the mount securely.

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Heavy Duty Lockable Mounts

Heavy-duty lockable mounts are built to last and can handle larger TVs up to 55 inches and 77 pounds. These mounts are designed to lock the TV into place, preventing unwanted movement during travel.

The Perlesmith lockable RV TV wall mount, for instance, not only can swivel and tilt but also extend, providing multiple viewing angles.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Heavy-Duty Lockable Mounts

While installing a heavy-duty lockable mount, it’s crucial to remember that they are relatively heavier than other mounts due to their sturdy construction.

This means you might need two people for installation. Always use appropriate screws; the ones supplied with the mount might be too long for RV walls.

Ensure the mount is secured properly to prevent possible damage due to the weight of the TV and the mount itself.

Versatile Mounts for Multiple Locations

MOUNT-IT! RV TV Mount with Dual Wall Plates | No-Rust Quick Release Aluminum Mounting Bracket for Indoor Or Outdoor Use | Low-Profile Full Motion Arm, 33lbs Capacity | Up to VESA 200x200mm

Versatile mounts, like the Mount-It RV TV mount, are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Most versatile mounts come with dual wall plates, allowing you to move the TV from one location to another easily.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Versatile Mounts

When installing a versatile mount, always check the weight limit to avoid overloading. Since these mounts are lightweight, they may not support large TVs.

Also, these mounts sit closer to the wall and do not extend, so plan your TV location accordingly for the best viewing experience.

Lightweight Exterior and Interior Mounts

These mounts are perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite shows outside under the RV awning or inside the RV.

They weigh only around 2.2 lbs and come with an easy slide-in bracket mount system. These mounts provide a snug fit against the wall, making them ideal for small spaces.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Lightweight Exterior and Interior Mounts

While lightweight exterior and interior mounts are easy to install, they do not extend from the wall. Therefore, positioning your TV correctly is critical.

Ensure the TV is mounted at a height and angle that provides comfortable viewing from different areas in your RV.

Swivel and Tilt Mounts

TV bracket LED display. Swivel bracket for TV.

Swivel and tilt mounts offer maximum flexibility as they allow you to adjust the angle of your TV for a better view.

These mounts are especially useful in larger RVs where viewing angles can vary greatly depending on the seating arrangement.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Swivel and Tilt Mounts

When installing swivel and tilt mounts, make sure there’s enough clearance on all sides for the TV to swivel and tilt without hitting anything. Also, regularly check the tightness of the joints to ensure continuous smooth operation.

Compact and Close-to-wall Mounts

Compact and close-to-wall mounts are great for smaller RVs where space is a premium. These mounts hold the TV close to the wall, taking up minimal space. They are typically designed for smaller TVs and are easy to install.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Compact and Close-to-wall Mounts

When installing these mounts, ensure that you have enough room to connect and disconnect cables. Since these mounts keep the TV close to the wall, accessing the back of the TV might be challenging once it’s mounted.

Mounts for Larger TVs

Table or chair in bedroom studio or hotel suite room with wooden modern style design and nobody in house home with tv television mounted to wall and reflection of bed

If you have a larger TV, you’ll need a mount that can safely support its size and weight. Some mounts are specifically designed for larger TVs, offering more stability and durability.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Mounts for Larger TVs

When mounting a larger TV, it’s crucial to ensure that the wall can support the combined weight of the TV and the mount.

You may need to reinforce the wall or choose a mount that distributes the weight evenly across multiple points.

Affordable and Movable Mounts

Affordable and movable mounts are a great option for those on a budget or for those who want to move their TV from room to room.

While these mounts may not have all the features of more expensive models, they serve their purpose well and offer excellent value for money.

Installation Tips and Considerations for Affordable and Movable Mounts

Even though these mounts are affordable, never compromise on the quality and safety features. Ensure the mount you choose can adequately support the weight of your TV.

Also, remember that these mounts may not offer as much flexibility or adjustability as their higher-end counterparts.

FAQs about TV Mounts in RVs

Is there a special TV mount for the RV?

Yes, there are special TV mounts designed for RVs. These mounts are designed to handle the vibrations and movements associated with traveling.

They also come with locking mechanisms to keep the TV secure while the RV is in motion.

Can you mount a TV on a camper wall?

Yes, you can mount a TV on a camper wall. However, it’s essential to find a solid support structure, like a stud or backer board, to anchor the mount securely.

How do you mount a TV in a camper trailer?

Mounting a TV in a camper trailer involves finding a suitable location, locating the stud in the wall, drilling pilot holes into the stud, installing the TV mount to the wall, connecting the mounting plate to your TV, and finally mounting the TV to the wall.

It’s important to follow the instructions provided with the mount for best results.

Can you mount a 55-inch TV in an RV?

Yes, it’s possible to mount a 55-inch TV in an RV. However, you’ll need a heavy-duty mount that can handle the size and weight of the TV. Also, ensure that you have enough space in your RV for the TV.

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