7 Tips on How to Keep RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Traveling

Explore Top Picks for RV Fridge Locks: Keep Your Provisions Safe and Secure on Every Journey.

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If you own a Recreational Vehicle (RV), you’re likely no stranger to the joy of hitting the open road, soaking in breathtaking landscapes, and pitching camp in beautiful corners of the world.

However, this nomadic lifestyle brings with it its unique set of challenges, one of which is ensuring the security of your RV’s refrigerator during travel.

Imagine arriving at your destination only to find your fridge open and its contents spilled all over the RV floor. Quite a mess, isn’t it? But don’t worry!

The solution is simple, inexpensive, and often free – RV refrigerator door locks and travel latches. Let’s explore nine of them.

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Fridge Fixer Lock

The Fridge Fixer Lock is a popular choice among RV owners. It secures both the freezer and the fridge door simultaneously.

The best part is that it opens up easily and attaches between the doors, making it a convenient and effective solution.

Dometic Replacement Handle and Latch

RV Refrigerator Door Latch, Camper Refrigerator #3851174023 Replacement Handle Compatible with Dometic Fridge DM2652, RM2652, RM2852, Black Door Handle for RV, Camper, Trailer Freezer, NON-OEM

If you’re dealing with a broken handle or latch on your Dometic fridge, this replacement part is an excellent option.

It restores the lock and security feature of your fridge, ensuring your food stays where it should – inside the fridge.

Residential Refrigerator Door Travel Latch

This accessory comes in many intriguing designs. One design similar to child-proof locks features a key-operated lock on the door side of the fridge.

All you need to do is turn the key to unlock the door. Alternatively, there are combination models if you prefer not to use keys.

Child Safety Locks

Toddler tugging at child safety lock on kitchen cabinet.

Child safety locks can also double as fridge locks. They attach via adhesive to the wall and the front of the fridge. You can affix one on your freezer door and another on your fridge door.

Plus, they typically do not affect your warranty as you’ve made no alterations to the fridge.

Combination Locks

For those who don’t like using keys or tend to lose them, combination locks might be the ideal choice.

They use a series of numbers or symbols as the unlocking mechanism, providing a secure solution that eliminates the need for keys. They also come with self-adhesive tape for easy installation.

Button Locks

A unique style of fridge lock features three buttons, two of which work while one doesn’t. If someone presses the wrong button, the fridge door won’t open.

However, this solution is more suited for side-by-side freezer fridges, an option not commonly found in most RVs and travel trailers.

Lever Option

The lever option is a simple yet effective solution. Here, the handle, when closed, holds both doors.

It fits into the holes the manufacturer placed in the fridge for the threaded rod and operates easily – just move it left or right to open or close the fridge doors.

Metal Piece with Push Button

This model comprises a simple metal piece with a push button as a locking device. To access the fridge, press the device, and the latch will let you in. Like many other models, it uses self-adhesive tape for easy installation.

Unique Style with 3 Buttons

If you’re looking for something a little different, consider a lock with three buttons. One of these buttons does not work, while the other two do.

If anyone presses the wrong button, the fridge door remains closed. This clever design adds an extra layer of security to your RV fridge.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Lock or Latch

Material: Plastic vs. Metal

When choosing a lock or latch, you’ll need to decide between plastic and metal. Both materials are efficient and durable, so your decision may come down to personal preference.

However, bear in mind that some metal models may require screws for installation, which might not be ideal for all fridges.

Ease of Installation

Choose a lock or latch that’s easy to install. Many models use self-adhesive tape, meaning they don’t require any drilling or screwing. Others might require more effort for installation but offer greater security.

Compatibility with Your Fridge Model

It’s crucial to ensure the lock or latch is compatible with your fridge model. Some models use the bung or threaded rod hole, which may not work for all fridges.

For instance, Frigidaire models reportedly have offset holes, making it impossible to use these designs.

Use of Keys, Wires, or Combinations

Consider your comfort level with keys, wires, or combinations. If you’re prone to losing keys or forgetting combinations, you might want to opt for a simpler mechanism like a push-button lock.


Last but not least, aesthetics matter. Choose a lock or latch that blends well with your fridge and the overall interior of your RV.

FAQs about RV Locks

How do I keep my RV refrigerator door closed while traveling?

To keep your RV refrigerator door closed while traveling, consider using bungee cords or a latch system specifically designed for this purpose.

These tools can secure the door and prevent it from swinging open during transit.

How do I secure my RV refrigerator door?

Securing your RV refrigerator door can be achieved by installing a fridge door lock or latch, or by using tension rods inside the fridge to keep items from shifting and pushing against the door.

How do I secure food in my RV refrigerator?

To secure food in your RV refrigerator, use tension rods or storage bins to keep items in place. This can help prevent movement and spillage when the vehicle is in motion.

How can I put a lock on the refrigerator?

Putting a lock on the refrigerator can be accomplished by purchasing and installing a refrigerator lock kit. These kits typically include a latch and key system that can be easily attached to most refrigerator models.

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