4+ Best RV Jack Pads for Ensuring Stability and Safety

RV jack pads are essential for stabilizing your RV on uneven terrain, preventing sinking and ensuring safety and comfort.

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RVing is a unique and exhilarating way to explore the world around you.

Whether you’re hitting the open road for a weekend getaway or embarking on a cross-country adventure, your RV becomes your home away from home.

But when it’s time to park and unwind, ensuring your rig is safe, secure and level is paramount. That’s where RV jack pads come into play.

When the terrain beneath your rig isn’t solid, there’s a risk of your RV’s metal jack feet sinking down or shifting in place. This can lead to an unlevel RV, making your camping experience less than comfortable.

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RV jack pads play a crucial role in maintaining the balance and stability of your RV. A well-leveled RV is not just about comfort, it’s also about safety. An uneven RV can potentially cause appliances like your refrigerator to malfunction.

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Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads

The Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads are one of the most popular choices among RVers. With their universal design, these 8.5-inch by 8.5-inch pads are compatible with stabilizer jacks from many different brands.

They are made from recyclable materials, making them an eco-friendly option.

These pads are weatherproof and UV-resistant, which greatly enhances their durability, and they can be stacked on top of each other without slipping.

Benefits of Using Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads

The flexibility of these pads allows them to adapt to uneven surfaces without cracking under stress. Their large footprint ensures they absorb the load of the RV without sinking into the soft ground.

However, one downside is that the 2-pad pack may not be sufficient if your RV uses multiple jacks. Despite this, their durability, flexibility, and environmental friendliness make them a great choice for any RVer.

GarfatolRV RV Jack Pads

GarfatolRv RV Jack Pads with The Easy-Grip Handle, Preventing Jacks from Sinking, Camper Jack Pads, Iron Grey (Pack of Four)

GarfatolRV RV Jack Pads are designed with weight distribution in mind. With a size of 7.2 inches by 7.2 inches, these pads prevent sinking due to heavy loads.

The inner rib construction further aids in bearing heavy loads.

These weatherproof and UV-resistant pads also feature an inbuilt handle for easy transportation and a velcro strap for convenient storage.

Each pack comes with four pads, making them suitable for RVs, trailer homes, and other vehicles.

Why GarfatolRV RV Jack Pads are a Top-Rated Choice

The self-interlocking design of these pads ensures stability and safety, as they can be stacked without slipping. The included handle and velcro strap make transportation and storage a breeze.

While they may not be as large as some other options, their design and features make them a reliable choice for keeping your RV stable and level.

Tri-Lynx 00019 RV Jack Pad

Tri-Lynx 00019 Lynx Cap - 4 Pack , Orange

Tri-Lynx is a well-known name in the RV levelers market, and their 00019 RV Jack Pad lives up to their reputation. Measuring 8.5 inches long, 8.5 inches wide, and 3 inches thick, these pads offer balanced load distribution.

They can easily interlock with each other for increased load-carrying capacity, and can also be used under your RV’s wheels if needed. Each pack includes four pads.

Reasons to Choose Tri-Lynx 00019 RV Jack Pad

These pads offer versatility in use, as they can be used both for stabilizer jacks and under-the-wheel applications.

The interlocking design ensures they don’t slip, whether stacked or placed side by side. Their size and thickness provide ample load-bearing capacity, making them a solid choice for most RVs.

Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Quality Plastics Utility Blocks take advantage of innovative manufacturing techniques. Made from injection molding, these pads measure 10 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

This makes them capable of bearing heavy loads without sinking. They stack securely and are offered in a pack of four.

Advantages of Using Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

These jack pads are highly durable and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

They offer excellent leveling for your RV’s jacks and can be easily stacked without the risk of slipping.

Although slightly pricier than competitors, their high load-bearing capacity and durability make them a worthwhile investment.

FAQs about RV Jack Pads

What do you put under RV jacks?

Under RV jacks, you typically put jack pads or blocks. These are designed to provide a stable and level surface for the jacks.

Why put pads under RV jacks?

Pads are placed under RV jacks to distribute the weight of the RV more evenly, protect the surface beneath from damage, and prevent the jacks from sinking into soft ground.

How do I keep my RV jack from sinking?

To keep your RV jack from sinking, use jack pads or blocks that spread the load over a larger area, preventing the jack from sinking into soft or uneven surfaces.

Should you put blocks under stabilizer jacks?

Yes, you should put blocks under stabilizer jacks. This helps to reduce the extension needed from the jack, making it more stable and efficient in supporting the RV.

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