10 Most Common RV Accidents & Essential Safety Stats

RV accidents are serious, with 26 annual deaths, 75,000 hospitalizations, and common injuries like head trauma. Seniors and teens are at risk, and precautions are crucial for a safer RV experience.

RV Camper Van Accident

Before you rev up that engine and head off for fun and adventure, enlighten yourself with these 20+ eye-opening RV accident statistics. From mortality rates and common injuries to the popularity among different age groups, explore the hidden dangers and precautions needed for a safer RV experience.

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Top 10 RV Accidents Statistis

RV Accident Statistics You Need To Know

Below are fascinating RV accident statistics; 

1. Annual RV-Related Deaths And Hospitalizations

Every year, 26 individuals are killed in RV-related incidents, included of individuals in automobiles hit by RVs.

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RV accidents cause roughly 75,000 hospitalizations annually, including those who eventually die in medical facilities.

2. RV Fatality Rate Comparison

RVs have a mortality rate of approximately 0.44 fatalities per Hundred million crashes, much below the overall vehicle mortality rate of 1.4799 for every 100 million crashes.

3. RV Accidents Caused by Trailer Sway

Caravan sway causes around 500,000 RV crashes annually, far outnumbering the total number of casualties documented.

4. Rural Crashes

57% of RV crash fatalities happened on rural roads, and 25% on interstate roads. This data highlights the need for RV campers to remain alert on country roads as they do in urban areas.

5. Senior Drivers and RV Accidents

Seniors account for a large percentage of the total number of RV motorists. 28.1% of people aged 71 and above have a visual impairment. This data means they are more likely to be involved in an accident because of deteriorating eyesight and slower reaction times. 

6. RV Popularity Among Younger People

RVs are becoming increasingly popular among those who are 21 to 35 years old. Millennials account for 38% of all RV drivers, outnumbering RV-driving elders.

7. Common Injuries in RV Accidents

Injuries linked to RV mishaps involve skull trauma, primarily caused by strikes within the vehicle following a crash. In-hospital costs for traumatic brain injuries fall between $2,130 and $401,808.

8. RV Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts

22 % of vans crash due to tire blowouts. Consumer Reports warns RV campers to keep off Good Year tires, a company that has found itself in big legal trouble for repeatedly selling defective RV tires. 

9. RV Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts

In many states, RV speeds on highways average 63 mph. This figure highlights the need for motorhome, motorists to drive at safe speeds, given the large angular momentum of their vehicles—the risk of a crash when speeding is even higher if you are towing.

10. Accidents Involving RV Rollovers

Rollover incidents account for almost 4% of all deadly RV mishaps. RVs’ higher center of gravity makes them particularly susceptible to rollovers, emphasizing the importance of careful steering and distributing the load.

11.  RV Accidents Caused by Alcohol

Alcohol is a factor in many RV crashes. A survey found that approximately one-quarter of deadly crashes involved alcohol intoxication. Driving under the influence significantly raises the chance of an accident.

12.  RV Accidents Involving a Single Vehicle

Single-vehicle crashes comprise 21% of all large-vehicle fatal crashes. Factors that lead to single-vehicle accidents often include driver mistakes, tire ruptures, or loss of control, emphasizing the significance of safe driving habits.

13. Night Time Crashes

In 2016, 36% of fatal crashes involving trucks and buses occurred between 6 pm and 6 am. This statistic emphasizes the need for motorhome owners to take breaks when driving and especially to rest at night.

14.  RV Accident Injuries

Data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show that the number of injuries involving large vehicle trucks is high, but so is the extent of property damage. Drivers can stay protected with RV insurance which costs an average of $15000 a year.

15. Dropping Fatality Rates

Research that examined data from 1999 to 2007 discovered that 212 individuals perished in RV mishaps over that period. RV incidents have a substantially lower death rate today than other automobiles, with the average fatality number standing at twenty-six people per year.

16. Towable RV Mishaps

Accidents relating to towable RVs injured 119,000 people in the US in 2016. That warns of the possible dangers of pulling RVs and emphasizes the importance of taking basic safety procedures.

17. RV Accidents and Invalid Licenses

An alarming 68% of RV drivers involved in accidents had an invalid or suspended license. This statistic emphasizes the importance of having a valid driver’s license and complying with legal requirements when operating an RV.

18. Accidental RV Fires

2000 RV fires occur each year. Electrical failures, gas leaks, and cooker-related errors frequently cause RV fires. To avoid such incidents, periodic upkeep and adherence to strict safety rules are necessary.

19. Bad Wind

Driving an RV at high wind speeds of 60 mph can cause the vehicle to overturn. Because these vehicles are flat-sided and tall and because of their present-day lightweight nature, it’s easy for the vehicle to lose control in high winds. It’s wise not to drive during high winds, but if you must, drive your motorhome slowly.

20. Tornadoes

You cannot use an RV as a tornado shelter. In 2020, 35 RVs were utterly destroyed by a tornado in Texas. Don’t get caught in a storm. Keep track of the weather reports when camping in your recreational vehicle in seasons like these.

21. Top States for RV Accidents

California, Florida, and Texas consistently rank among the top states for RV accidents due to their high population, extensive road networks, and many RV owners.


Listed above are the most common RV accident statistics you need to know. With thousands of hospitalizations, fatalities, and common injuries, RV road safety is important. As the popularity of RVs grows among various age groups, it’s crucial to prioritize safety measures and raise awareness to minimize the risks associated with these mobile homes on wheels

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