Understanding Mobile Home Axle Rating: 12+ Essential Facts

Unlock the Secrets of Mobile Home Axles: Load Limits, Specs, and Safety Tips for Secure Transit.

what are mobile home axles rated for

Mobile home axles are made for one-time use and have no load rating. This means the axles are only used when transporting the mobile home from the factory to its final destination.

Let’s take a closer look at mobile home axles to know what we can and can’t use them for.

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Can you use mobile home axles for a trailer?

Mobile home axles are not made for ongoing use on a trailer because they are specifically made to transport the dwelling one time. 

It’s recommended that the mobile home axles are replaced with trailer axles with the appropriate weight capacity for the trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

You can find axle kits with everything you need for a safe, reliable multi-use trailer axle.

  • electric brakes
  • hubs & drums
  • bearings
  • seals
  • grease caps
  • wheel studs
  •  lug nuts
  • marine-grade wheel bearing grease

Using mobile home axles on a trailer is prohibited, and it likely has been stamped with “for mobile home use only.”

What is a 5-lug mobile home axle rated for?

Technically, most mobile home axles are rated for 6000 plus pounds. But it is for the single-use of moving the mobile home from point A to point B.

What are my trailer axles rated for?

You will look on the VIN plate or sticker with the VIN to check the load capacity for your trailer axles. It will be in the same spot whether you’re looking at the plate or the sticker.

Some trailers may also list the weight capacity on the tag or trailer license plate.

How many axles are on a mobile home? 

A 16×80 mobile home has two axles that are 40 feet wide and 16 feet long. The most popular size mobile home can only use a standard single-axle trailer without brakes.

A double-axle trailer is used for mobile homes that are 19×82 or larger.

How to count the axles on a mobile home?

You will look at the side of the vehicle and the mobile home and count the visible wheels. Each single or double wheel will represent a mobile home axle.

How much are mobile home axles worth?

A mobile home axle can be worth between $100 and $200 each. 

How much do mobile home axles weigh?

Most mobile home axles weigh less than 100 pounds. However, that varies depending on the size of the axle you purchase.

Are all mobile home axles built the same?

Mobile home axles are built differently with various weight capacities and ratings. 

Can I convert my mobile home axle?

You will see people that have converted mobile home axles to DIY trailer axles.

But, it’s prohibited by law and dangerous because a mobile home axle is meant to be used once for transporting the structure.

Do mobile home axles have brakes?

Mobile home axles do not have brakes or suspension because they’re meant to be parked on a lot for years once transported to the final destination.

The fact that mobile home axles don’t have brakes is the primary reason they’re prohibited from being converted into trailer axles.

You can add an electric trailer brake to the mobile home axle, but it is not recommended unless it’s for the transportation of a mobile home.

Where can I buy a mobile home axle?

You can find used mobile home axles on Facebook Marketplace and eBay. 

You’ll need to visit your local tractor supply store or mobile home dealership for new mobile home axles.

When do I replace my mobile home axles?

You will want to check out your mobile home axles if you’ve decided to relocate or move the mobile home. 


Surface rust can start to eat into the metal of the axle. 

Use a hammer and hit the axle to test out the rust level. If you hear a thick sound, the rust probably hasn’t gone any further than the surface.

If the axle crackles or breaks, you’ll want to replace the axle.


Another sign that the axle needs replacing is a rattling or wobbling. Both are signs that the mobile home axle is getting ready to fall apart.

You’ll need to examine it closely to check if it requires replacing.

Uneven deflection on the wheels

It’s definitely time to replace the mobile home axle if the wheels look more deflected or the deflection is unequal. It’s a sign of a weakened axle and requires attention.

Equal deflection is required to distribute the weight of the mobile home safely and evenly.

Tire damage

Some tire damage is expected for mobile home axles. If the rate of wear and tear is high, there may be an issue with the axle.

More FAQs about Mobile Home Axles

Do mobile home axles make good trailer axles?

Mobile home axles are not suitable for use as trailer axles. It is important to note that mobile home axles are designed for one-time use and should not be used on utility trailers. Instead, it is recommended to use axles specifically designed for RVs. To select the appropriate replacement axle for your trailer, you will need to be aware of the dimensions of your current axle.

Are trailer house axles good?

Trailer house axles can be a viable option for certain applications. Many individuals and construction sites opt for mobile home axles due to their affordability, durability, and inclusion of brakes. However, it is important to note that these axles may not be specifically designed for long-term use and could potentially be prohibited by local regulations in some areas.

Can mobile home axles be converted?

Mobile home axles can indeed be converted by changing the axle hub and adding a wheel adapter, as all axles function in a similar manner.

How do you tell what my axles are rated for?

The way to determine the weight rating of your axles is by checking the sticker, stamp, or plate on them. This sticker, stamp, or plate will display the weight capacity of the axles, such as “Capacity 5,000” for axles with a 5,000lb capacity. Additionally, you can look for the abbreviation GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) on the sticker, stamp, or plate, which will be followed by a number in the thousands indicating the weight rating.

What are the different types of trailer axles?

Trailer axles can be categorized into two main types: spring axles and torsion axles. Although both types serve the same fundamental purpose, they differ in their approach to supporting and absorbing the weight of the trailer load.

How do you calculate axle load capacity?

The axle load capacity can be calculated by multiplying the weight of each component and item by their respective center of gravity distance to obtain the moment. By summing up all the moments and dividing by the wheelbase, the weight on the rear axle can be determined.

Can GVWR be higher than axle rating?

The GVWR can be higher than the axle rating, which is often seen in trailers where the manufacturers list the GVWR to be slightly greater than the combined capacity of its axles.

What is the difference between GVWR and axle rating?

The difference between GVWR and axle rating lies in their definitions. GVWR refers to the loaded weight of a single vehicle as specified by the manufacturer. On the other hand, axle rating, also known as GAWR, represents the load-carrying capacity of a single axle system, measured at the tire-ground interfaces, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

What is the load capacity safety factor?

The load capacity safety factor is determined by dividing the ultimate load capacity of a structure by the design load. The ultimate load capacity refers to the maximum load that a structure can endure without collapsing, while the design load represents the anticipated load that the structure will encounter throughout its operational lifespan.

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