Find Your Mobile Home VIN Number: Understanding Data Plates

A mobile home has a data plate with crucial info like manufacturer’s name, build date, serial number, and more, located in various places inside the home.

what is a data plate on a mobile home

Maybe you’ve seen it; maybe you had no idea it even existed. But, all mobile homes have something called a data plate.

Let’s look at what a data plate on a mobile home is and what to do if yours is missing.

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What Is A Data Plate On A Mobile Home?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires mobile home manufacturers to include a data plate. The sheet provides useful info in a standardized format to make it easier to read.

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You will find your mobile home’s data plate in one of a handful of places. 

  • master bedroom closet
  • the back wall of the smallest bedroom closet
  • electric panel
  • inside the water heater closet
  • inside of a kitchen cabinet door

Paper Data Plate vs Metal Label

What is a HUD metal label on a manufactured home?

The red metal label (or HUD tag) is what gives you the serial number and refers you to the data plate. It’s affixed inside, while a data plate is located indoors.

What is a data plate on a mobile home?

  • Manufacturer’s name and address.
  • The date the mobile was built.
  • Serial number
  • Model number
  • Code certification that identifies the housing code at the time of construction.
  • Inspection agency information 

The HUD Compliance Certificate, or data plate, is an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper that’s affixed indoors and has all sorts of information, including size, wind zones and snow load information. 

What if I can’t find my HUD label or tag?

Well, mobile home manufacturers don’t reissue HUD tags and labels. But, you can still obtain one.

The  Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) is the only institution that can get the information and provide it for you.

  • Label number
  • VIN number
  • The date of manufacturer
  • The name and location of the manufacturer
  • Dealer and retail center

The reissued HUD tag and label will not contain the wind zone, roof load, or thermal info.

What if I can’t find my data plate?

You’ll have to request a Performance Certificate, or data plate, from the IBT. It will provide you with certain information. The cost for a copy of the certificate is $50. IBTS does offer expedited services for an additional $50.

  • Serial number
  • The manufacture date
  • The name and location of the manufacturer
  • The wind zone, roof load, and thermal zone information.
  • Certification labels
  • A complete list of factory-installed equipment

Every mobile home displays the same statement.

This manufactured home is designed to comply with Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards in force at the time of manufacture.

Can I remove my data plate?

It’s sort of like removing the tag on a mattress. Sure, you can, but the moment you do, you’ll realize why people say not to.

If you’re replacing your cabinets or wall, carefully remove the data plate and attach it somewhere else in the mobile home.

Wherever you decide to place it, you’ll want to protect it super well. If you lose it, it can keep you from financing, selling the home, making improvements, and preparing it. 

We suggest you add a thick piece of laminate to the data plate so it can’t get destroyed, misplaced, or lost.

What does a data plate mean?

A data plate isn’t a plate at all. It’s a long sheet of paper affixed indoors that has your mobile home’s information, including who built it and where.

What does a VIN number look like on a mobile home?

What does a VIN number look like on a mobile home?

Many of us look at a serial number and see lots of numbers and letters that make zero sense. Let us break it down a little so it makes more sense.

Example Vin Number – JACFL777777A

  • JAC – The first three letters are going to tell you who made the mobile home. For this example, JAC stands for Jacobson Homes.
  • FL – The next two letters represent the manufactured home’s state. FL stands for Florida.
  • The six numbers that follow are the mobile home’s actual serial numbers. It’s a unique number set that works like a social security number for humans.
  • A, B, or C – Double-wide mobile homes use the same numbers but are identified with an A and another section with B (and C if it’s a triple wide), and it represents every section of the mobile home.

Where can I find my mobile home’s VIN?

You never know when you might need your VIN number. So, it is helpful to know where it’s located.

  • The data plate lists your VIN, which is found in your mobile home’s interior.
  • The VIN is also found stamped on a manufactured home’s steel frame (look out for additions or foundation connections).

FAQs about Data Plate on a Mobile Home

Do all mobile homes have a date plate?

According to HUD, all mobile homes must have a data plate installed while it is at the factory. But, if your manufactured home was built pre-1976, you will not have one.

If the data plate is missing or painted over, you will need to have it reissued by the IBTS.

How do I know how old my mobile home is?

The manufacture date of your mobile home is listed on the HUD tag. The label indicates that it meets the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS).

If you do not see one, chances are your mobile home was born before 1976.

Where is the serial number located on a mobile home?

You can find your serial number on the mobile home’s data plate. And it should be stamped on the steel frame.

What if the HUD data plate is missing?

The HUD data plate is missing. In such cases, the Department does not provide replacement labels for manufactured homes. However, if the necessary historical information can be located, the Department can issue a Letter of Label Verification for the units.

What is the label number on a mobile home?

The label number on a mobile home can be found on two main identifiers: a HUD tag and a data plate. The HUD tag contains the certification label, while the data plate displays both the serial number and the code certification number. Typically, the data plate is a white piece of paper located on the back side of a kitchen cabinet door.

What is a data plate label?

A data plate label, also referred to as a data plate, placard, or nameplate, serves to identify various important information about a piece of equipment. This includes details such as the manufacturer, serial/model number, date of manufacture, load rating, electrical specifications, operating and maintenance instructions, as well as any other necessary data.

What does a HUD number look like?

A HUD number looks like a label that is etched or stamped with a 3 letter designation identifying the primary inspection agency responsible for production inspection. This designation is assigned by the Secretary. Additionally, each label is marked with a 6 digit number provided by the label supplier.

How do you read a data plate on a manufactured home?

The data plate on a manufactured home can be read by looking for the manufacturer and location information. In this case, the data plate will indicate that Adventure Homes is the manufacturer and the home was built in Garrett, Indiana. Additionally, the data plate will provide certification label numbers, construction date, serial numbers, information about factory installed equipment, roof load zone, wind load zone, and comfort cooling details.

What does a HUD tag look like on a mobile home?

A HUD tag on a mobile home appears as a red metal label with silver lettering, securely affixed to the rear exterior siding of each transportable section. This label complies with HUD Title VI Regulations that came into effect on June 15, 1976.

How do I find the model of my mobile home?

To find the model of your mobile home, you can locate the mobile home manufacturer and model names by checking the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) label on the exterior of the mobile home, as well as the compliance certificate or data plate. The data plate, which contains this information, can be found on the inside of the home.

How are manufactured homes measured?

Manufactured homes are measured by their length, width, and square footage.

Where is the data plate in a mobile home?

The data plate in a mobile home can be found in one of three locations: on or near the main electrical panel, in a kitchen cabinet, or in a bedroom closet. It contains label numbers and a map of the United States, providing information about the Wind Zone, Snow Load, and Roof Load for which the home was built.

Where is the data plate located?

The data plate is typically located inside the manufactured home, as required by federal law. It can be found in various locations, such as inside a cabinet door in the kitchen or on the back wall of either the small bedroom closet or the master bedroom closet.

What does a VIN number look like on a mobile home?

The VIN number on a mobile home typically consists of three digits representing the manufacturer, followed by two letters indicating the state of construction, and finally a set of six numbers serving as the home’s identification or serial number.

How do you clean a data plate?

To clean a data plate, you can use a cloth, warm water, and dishwashing soap. Stainless steel is commonly used for ID tags due to its ability to withstand tough conditions, but it still requires proper care to maintain its pristine appearance.

What is the purpose of a HUD plate on a mobile home?

The purpose of a HUD plate on a mobile home is to certify that the manufactured home has undergone inspection in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s requirements and is constructed in compliance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, as far as the manufacturer’s knowledge and belief.

What does a mobile home VIN number look like?

A mobile home VIN number typically consists of three digits indicating the manufacturer, followed by two letters indicating the state of construction, and finally, a set of six numbers representing the home’s serial number.

What is a decal number on a mobile home?

The decal number on a mobile home is a small metal plate typically affixed to the exterior of the home. This plate displays a unique combination of three letters and four numbers, which constitute the decal number. It is important to note that this decal number should be provided on all Fee and Tax Waiver program application forms.

Is the serial number the same as the VIN number on a mobile home?

The serial number on a mobile home is sometimes referred to as the VIN number. To find this number, you can check the data plate on the interior of the structure. The data plate is a sticker that provides the VIN number and other relevant information about your mobile home.

When did HUD labels start?

HUD labels started to be required on all transportable sections of manufactured homes built in the U.S. after June 15, 1976.

What does a HUD sticker mean?

A HUD sticker signifies that a manufactured home has been built to meet the national standards set by the HUD code. This code includes regulations for construction, fire safety, energy efficiency, and other requirements.

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