Welcome to the Habitatisa Resources & Links page! Here, you’ll find a curated collection of resources, tools, and links that will help you explore and embrace the world of non-traditional living. Whether you’re interested in RVs, mobile homes, or tiny houses, we’ve got you covered with the best information to make your alternative living journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

RV Living

  • RV Life – An online magazine dedicated to RV culture and lifestyle, featuring articles, tips, and reviews.
  • Go RVing – A comprehensive guide to RV travel, with resources on buying, renting, and finding campsites.
  • RV Travel – A blog that provides news, information, and advice for the RV community.

Mobile Homes

  • Mobile Home Living – A resource for mobile home remodeling ideas, repair tips, and decor inspiration.
  • Mobile Home University – Educational resources for those interested in investing in or operating mobile home parks.
  • Manufactured Housing Institute – The trade organization representing the factory-built housing industry, with resources for consumers and builders.

Tiny Homes

  • The Tiny Life – Resources, tips, and stories about tiny house living, including downsizing and sustainability.
  • Tiny Home Builders – Guides and resources for planning, building, and living in a tiny home.
  • Tiny House Talk – A blog featuring tiny house designs, floor plans, and stories of people living in tiny homes.

Online Communities & Forums

  • RV Network – A forum for RV enthusiasts to discuss all aspects of RV living.
  • Tiny House Community – A platform for connecting with other tiny house enthusiasts, finding events, and learning from others.
  • Mobile Home Repair – A forum for mobile home owners to share DIY tips and repair advice.

Books & Guides

Shopping & Products

Legal & Zoning Information

  • American Tiny House Association – An association offering resources on zoning, coding, and tiny house legalization.
  • RV Law– Legal resources and information for RV owners and enthusiasts.
  • HUD Manufactured Housing – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development information on manufactured housing standards and regulations.

We hope this Resources & Links page helps you on your journey to a simpler, more adventurous lifestyle. Havea resource we’re missing? Pitch us at partners@habitatista.com – Remember to check back often as we update these resources to help you stay informed and inspired. Happy exploring!