Top 7 Luxury Clock Brands for Elegant Home Decor

Luxury wall clocks from top brands like Takto, Hermle, Bulova, Rhythm, Nomon, Uttermost, and Howard Miller offer diverse styles and craftsmanship for elegant home decor.

Luxury wall clocks are all about craftsmanship and aesthetics. You want something that will match your sense of style, bring a unique design to your space, and of course, tell time smoothly. 

If you have a true designer home, then there’s a luxury clock brand to complement your style. We’ll go over some of the highest quality clock makers today and cover a breadth of design aesthetics. 

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1. Takto Timepieces by Teckell

Takto is an Italian brand known for clean lines, exact angles, and polished shapes. So if you have a modernist castle, this is the wall clock you need. 

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These clocks make minimalism luxurious. Most of the pieces in this collection include crystal and gold materials. The real draw is the slim and unobtrusive design.

The collection lets the beauty of the clock components speak for themselves. If you love modernism and elegance, this is the luxury wall clock for you.

2. Hermle

The original Hermle clocks were first made in 1922 in the Black Forest region of Germany. This century-old business is still creating timeless timepieces today.

They still specialize in mechanical and quartz movement rather than computerized or digital. So if you want a touch of history, Hermle is the clock for you. 

Hermle North America is a clock manufacturer based in Virginia. As a branch of the world-renowned German clock makers, Hermle Uhren, they also import models worldwide.

The nice thing about these luxury wall clocks is the breadth of style. You can find modern and classic, recent retro, and more. With the tradition behind the brand and the bold design styles, Hermle is a top choice for any luxury clock fan. 

3. Bulova Clocks

Bulova Clocks is an international clock and watch brand that’s been in operation since 1875. They’re known for their highly functional pieces and innovative designs. 

They used to offer mostly traditional (“grandfather“) wooden clocks, but they’ve changed. Their catalog has grown over the years to include clocks for any type of decor. 

From classic to contemporary, there’s so much to choose from. Inspired by Bulova’s most popular watch design, the Precisionist is an oversized ultra-contemporary statement piece. It’s the luxury clock for your high-end workspace, game room, etc. 

For more classic contemporary, the Estate is one of their more distinctive models. There’s a clock here to fit almost anyone’s needs. 

4. Rhythm Clocks

Rhythm Clocks may not be the first name you think of in luxury, but if your style choices tend towards whimsical, then this is the brand for you. Rhythm Clocks began life in Japan in 1946.

However, it wasn’t established as Rhythm USA until 1989. They’re known for intricate movements, musical clocks, and creative artistic choices. 

For some, these clocks will be perfect for an extravagant kid’s room. You could also consider them a high-end holiday decoration. Some can be programmed to play Christmas music.

Others will want them in any room of their house. While the designs have a fairy-tale quality, the craftsmanship elevates them beyond impulse purchases or novelty items.  

5. Nomon

Nomon is an international luxury clockmaker based out of Spain. This ultra-modern brand is known for its clean shapes, perfect lines, and luxury finishes. They sell in over 60 countries, so you can likely order wherever you are. 

The perfect linework and glowing metal of Nomon’s designs will look good in any home. Modern spaces and nordic sparseness will look great with one of these, but Nomon’s sculptural pieces will lend an artful feel to even highly traditional rooms. 

They also have a variety of sizing options. For example, you can get an oversized piece for a great room or something a bit cozier for an office or guest room. 

6. Uttermost

Uttermost is an all-around home goods brand that has been in business for nearly 50 years. They’re quite popular, and you may already have their furniture or home decor.

Though they aren’t exclusively clockmakers, they’ve become well-known for their trendy oversized wall clocks. They’ve been a bestseller on home design sites like Houzz and Amazon for a long time. 

A large room begs for a large clock. Uttermost’s best selling Ronan model is 60 inches in diameter. Their clocks overall tend to have modern yet warm designs.

Think clean lines with natural materials, like wood. If you want to keep your home design simple and classy, then Uttermost probably has the luxury clock you need. 

7. Howard Miller 

Howard C. Miller founded Howard Miller clocks in 1926. If you’re an antique collector, you can still find Howard Miller clocks working from that era. If that doesn’t speak to the quality of this brand, then nothing does. 

Today, Howard Miller has expanded their catalog to include clocks of all styles and design sensibilities. This luxury brand also has a wide range of pricing, so you’re sure to find something no matter your budget. Their product offerings are wildly different. 

Let’s compare two of their more popular styles to give you an idea of Miller’s variety. If you have an antique or traditional home that needs decorating, they have things like the Rowland chiming wall clock. It’s all hardwoods, painted overlays, and fine inlays. 

For the contemporary-inclined, consider something like the Maclane wall clock. It’s all sharp angles, two tones, and a dark finish. 

FAQs About Luxury Wall Clocks

Do you still have some thoughts about luxury wall clocks? Then, we have the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject. 

Which brand of wall clock is best?

The best wall clock brand will change greatly based on current trends and personal design preferences. 

One of the best-selling clocks in America is made by Infinity Instruments Ltd, which has to do with the current popularity of mid-century modern design rather than anything remarkable about the clock. The retro look is extremely popular but won’t be for everyone. 

If you’re looking for an answer based on craftsmanship, then Seiko is considered a reliable clock and watch brand. In luxury brands, Rolex, Patek Philippe & Co. are considered among the best in the world, and you probably know them for this reason. However, they are known for their watches, not wall clocks. 

Does Omega make wall clocks?

Omega does not currently make wall clocks. However, they did at some point in their history. You can find Omega wall clocks and other defunct luxury wall clock brands like Patek Philippe through antique collections and auctions. 

What are clock brands?

There are numerous clock makers worldwide, and we certainly didn’t have room for all of them in this article. If you want to keep clock shopping, some of the top high-end manufacturers include:

  • Hermle Clocks
  • Rhythm Clocks
  • Gallet & Co
  • Dalvey Clocks
  • Ridgeway Clocks
  • Howard Miller Clocks
  • Bulova Clocks

What is the best brand of wall clock?

The best brand of wall clock is Ajanta, Solimo, Casio, Ikea, and Timex.

What is the best German clock brand?

The best German clock brands include Hönes, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and value, as well as Rombach and Haas, Anton Schneider, and Adolf Herr.

What to look for when buying a wall clock?

When buying a wall clock, it is important to consider several factors. Look for wall clocks that have simple and meaningful colors and design patterns. Ensure that the clock you choose is visually appealing and matches the overall aesthetic of the room. Additionally, think about the specific rooms in your house that require a clock and select one that complements the décor and style of each room.

Who is the oldest clock manufacturer?

The oldest clock manufacturer is J. B. Joyce & Co, clockmakers, which was founded in Shropshire, England. The company asserts that they are the oldest clock manufacturer in the world, having been established in 1690, and have been a part of the Smith of Derby Group since 1965.

Which is the most expensive clock?

The most expensive clock in the world is the Duc d’Orleans Breguet Sympathique clock, which stands out for its unique feature of being able to wind, set to time, and regulate its watch using the integrated cradle mounted on the clock’s pediment.

What makes a clock expensive?

A clock can be expensive due to the materials used in its construction. Typically, high-quality hardwoods such as oak, cherry, and walnut are utilized. Additionally, the face of the clock may feature brass and precious metal accents, such as gold or silver, for the numerals and decorative elements.

What is the most expensive clock ever sold?

The most expensive clock ever sold is the Duc D’Orleans Breguet Sympathique, which was created in 1795 and features a detachable pocket watch. It gained the title of the world’s most expensive clock when it was sold in 1835 for a staggering $6.8 million.

What is the oldest clock company?

The oldest clock company is Gallet, which has a history of over 600 years in clock and watch-making. The exact establishment date or when they started making watches is unclear, but it is known that Humbertus Gallet became a citizen of Geneva in 1466, providing a reference point in time.

What makes a clock vintage?

For a clock to be considered vintage, it typically needs to have been manufactured around thirty years prior to its most recent purchase.

What is the most expensive mechanical clock?

The most expensive mechanical clock is the Duke of Orleans’ Breguet Sympathique, which has maintained its position as the priciest clock for ten years. Its intriguing royal history dates back to the turbulent times of two French revolutions.

Does Rolex make wall clocks?

Rolex does indeed manufacture wall clocks that exude elegance and sophistication, using the same impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality materials found in their renowned watches.

Does Hublot make wall clocks?

Hublot does not manufacture wall clocks.

Does Omega make wall clocks?

Omega does make wall clocks, along with a wide range of other precision instruments such as desk clocks, table clocks, pocket watches, stopwatches, tourbillons, skeleton mechanical movements, and high precision quartz calibers.

Wrapping Up

The best luxury wall clock for your designer home will ultimately be based on your needs. Classic or contemporary, noiseless or chimes, large or little, all will come down to your design aesthetic. 

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