13+ Bamboo Toilet Paper Brands for a Better Loo

Bamboo toilet paper brands offer eco-friendly, soft, and septic-safe options that contribute to a better bathroom experience.

Bamboo is a renewable resource, so this fast-growing plant provides plenty of fiber for toilet paper manufacturers. These bamboo toilet paper brands are not only eco-friendly but also make their way through plumbing without causing blockages.

They’re soft enough for your sensitive areas, so everything about bamboo toilet paper makes for a better loo experience.

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1. Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap is an environmentally-friendly company that creates recycled toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. The company uses renewable and sustainable bamboo to create toilet paper that’s an incredibly soft, three-ply roll.

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You don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper at a crucial moment with Who Gives a Crap. Get a subscription and select how often you want to get a new box of rolls.

The company uses carbon-neutral shipping and paper coverings on the rolls, so everything is eco-friendly and recyclable.

2. No. 2

No other brand could be second on the list except No. 2. The stunning works of art wrapped around each roll mean you won’t want to hide this toilet paper in a cabinet.

The prints use soy ink on recycled paper, so you know you’re supporting an environmentally-conscious company with your purchase. Buy packs of 8, 24, or 48 rolls at a time.

3. Bim Bam Boo

Bim Bam Boo Velvety Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper - 48 MEGA ROLLS, 14,748 Sheets, 100% Tree Free For Sensitive Skin, No Chemicals, Sustainable Bulk Bath Tissue, 100% Tree Free, FSC Certified

Bim Bam Boo is more than a catchy name—this company makes the best products for women and people with sensitive skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, so the manufacturer doesn’t need to use chemicals to create the rolls.

It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t use synthetic fragrances. You can get toilet paper, tissues, and wet wipes, all in sustainable packaging.

4. Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls of Environmentally-Friendly Toilet Paper, 3-ply, 350 sheets per roll - Soft and Strong, FSC-Certified, Elementally Chlorine-Free, Plastic-Free, Vegan

Cloud Paper is a tree-free toilet paper company with a subscription option. Whether you’re a single person or a large family, you can find the best choice for your needs. Order packs of 24 or 48 rolls in periods such as:

  • Every two months
  • Every three months
  • Every four months

The rolls are three-ply and packaged without using plastic to make the least impact on the environment. You can also get tissues and paper towels from the company.

5. Caboo

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper, Septic Safe, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly Bath Tissue with Soft, Quick Dissolving 2 Ply Sheets (300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls)

Caboo sells bamboo toilet paper, paper towels, and baby wipes. Not only is the company completely tree-free, but they also replant trees in partnership with the United States Forest Service.

For every pound of paper products sold, Caboo plants a tree. Your purchase doesn’t just help you and your septic system but also nature and the atmosphere.

6. Better Way

Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper 3 PLY - Eco Friendly, Sustainable Toilet Tissue - 12 Double Rolls & 360 Sheets Per Roll - Septic Safe - Organic, Plastic Free, Compostable & Biodegradable - FSC Certified

Better Way commits to improving the environment with its bamboo toilet paper. Order three-ply rolls in packs of 12, 24, or 36. They also sell bamboo paper towels and a bidet attachment.

With the bidet attachment, you’ll save money in the long run, which keeps you cleaner and allows you to use less toilet paper.

You’ll improve your entire bathroom situation with products from Better Way, leading to a more eco-friendly way of life.

7. Pure Planet Club

Everyone wants to be a member of Pure Plant Club, the eco-friendly brand that sells recycled or bamboo toilet paper. While many bamboo toilet paper brands offer other products, Pure Planet Club focuses solely on its toilet rolls.

You can buy either option in packs of 36 rolls and get free shipping. The company is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and BPA-free for truly pure paper.

8. True Earth Paper

True Earth Paper is a business that manufactures Silk’n Soft toilet paper. The unbleached rolls give you a healthier approach to cleanliness. The light tan rolls don’t contain chlorine, fragrance, or BPAs, so the paper won’t irritate your skin. 

You can buy white bamboo toilet paper if you prefer that look. True Earth Paper also sells Dragon Towels which are machine-washable bamboo towels to replace paper towels.

9. Nature’s Greatest

Bamboo Toilet Paper - Single Roll - 2-Ply Made From Tree-Free, 100% Bamboo Fibers - Eco-Friendly, - Silky, Soft, and Sustainable Packaging May Vary

Nature’s Greatest makes bamboo toilet paper with a mix of sugarcane fibers to keep the roll soft. The company doesn’t test on animals and is cruelty-free, guaranteeing that all products are free of BPAs, bleach, and fragrance. This paper is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

10. NooTrees

NooTrees Bamboo 3-ply Bathroom Tissue, 220 Sheets, 12 Rolls, Ecofriendly, 100 Percent Sustainable, Hypoallergenic, Ultra Absorbent Velvety Soft, FSC Certified Bamboo Toilet

NooTrees wants to prevent deforestation by using other fibers for toilet paper. The company sources bamboo from mills and farms to create rolls without chemicals, dyes, or fragrances.

Along with toilet paper sold in packs of 4, 10, and 12 rolls, you can buy bamboo tissues, paper towels, wet wipes, and baby wipes.

11. Smitten

Smitten Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper, Plastic-Free, No Lint, No Core-No Waste, Unbleached, 3-ply | 32 Rolls (Bulk)

Smitten is one of the bamboo toilet paper brands that boast about a lint-free roll. No lint means you won’t see small toilet paper fibers floating around, and you won’t have debris left behind after wiping.

Since the product doesn’t contain bleach, dye, or scents, you won’t feel irritation when using it.

12. Reel

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls of Toilet Paper - 3-Ply Made From Tree-Free, 100% Bamboo Fibers - Eco-Friendly and Zero Plastic Packaging

Reel keeps track of their positive impact on the website—you can check in and see how many trees they’ve saved. Their bamboo toilet paper comes in packs of 24 or 48 rolls, which you can buy as needed or sign up for a subscription. They also sell recycled tree-free paper towels in bundles of 12 rolls.


TUSHY Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper - 100% Bamboo - 3 Ply, 300 Sheets Per Roll - 8 Pack

TUSHY is one of the bamboo toilet paper brands with a subscription option, so you never run out. Depending on your needs, you can get a box of 36 rolls every one to four months.

The unbleached rolls come wrapped in printed paper, so you’ll want to show off your stock. 

TUSHY also sells bidet attachments, an ottoman for better posture, a toilet brush, and tissues.

They have a towel collection to use along with the bidet attachments, helping you take steps toward leading a toilet paper-free life.

14. Cottontail

Cottontail plants a tree with every purchase, so you’re making a positive environmental impact when buying bamboo toilet paper. The core, shipping box, and paper tape are all recyclable.

Each pack contains 24 rolls wrapped in paper coverings, so you’re decreasing your carbon footprint with each shipment.

What’s the Deal With Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Now that you know some of the best bamboo toilet paper brands, you might wonder why you should try the product yourself.

Several major factors make bamboo toilet paper the right choice for a better loo.


Bamboo is a sustainable material. It’s a renewable resource that grows naturally, which means the manufacturing process isn’t as strenuous as other products.

Bamboo fully breaks down after use, so the materials can become compost without creating trash to pile up in a landfill. 

Prevents Blockage

Bamboo toilet paper is less likely to clog your plumbing compared to thick, quilted options. Since bamboo is natural and biodegradable, it starts to dissolve as soon as it hits the toilet water. You can flush it without worrying that it will block your pipes and lead to costly plumbing problems.

Soft and Strong

Bamboo is such a rigid plant that you might think the toilet paper isn’t as soft as quilted options. The manufacturing process for bamboo toilet paper mixes the fibers with water to create pulp, which they press into a paper before cutting into rolls.

Manufacturers leave a small amount of moisture in the paper to keep it soft and flexible for use.

What brand of toilet paper is made from bamboo?

The 15 brands reviewed above all make toilet paper from bamboo. It’s the best toilet paper option for eco-conscious households and is easier on your septic system compared to toilet paper made from tree pulp.

Is any bamboo toilet paper made in the USA?

China is the biggest toilet paper producer, with the USA close behind. Over 90% of toilet paper used in the USA comes from domestic manufacturers, but Cloud and Cottontail are the only brands that can prove their rolls are completely made in the USA.

Is bamboo toilet paper better?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is better than standard options. Bamboo is eco-friendly as it’s made from sustainable materials. It breaks down completely, keeping your plumbing in good shape and not leaving trash in nature.

What brands of toilet paper are made from bamboo?

The following brands of toilet paper are made from bamboo: Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper is considered the best overall option, Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is the runner-up, and NooTrees Bamboo 3-ply Bathroom Tissue offers the best value for the price.

What is the downside of bamboo toilet paper?

The downside of bamboo toilet paper is that it is typically pricier compared to traditional toilet paper made from trees. Additionally, bamboo toilet paper decomposes at a slower rate than recycled paper, which means it may not be the most suitable option if you are seeking a fully biodegradable choice.

Is Panda toilet paper made from bamboo?

Panda toilet paper is indeed made from bamboo. The material used for the toilet paper itself is 100% bamboo, while the roll and packaging are made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Does bamboo toilet paper clog toilets?

Bamboo toilet paper does not clog toilets as it is septic-safe and septic tank-friendly. Its fibrous nature allows for easy and quick breakdown, making it an ideal choice for septic systems.

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for sewer systems?

Bamboo toilet paper is safe for sewer systems. It is typically made with one- or two-ply, although three-ply options are also available. Due to its strength, fewer layers of bamboo paper are needed, making it easier to break down. This makes bamboo toilet paper suitable even for RV toilets.

Do supermarkets sell bamboo toilet paper?

Supermarkets do sell bamboo toilet paper, such as the Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Tissue 3 Ply 9 Rolls available at Tesco Groceries.

Does bamboo toilet paper have formaldehyde?

Bamboo toilet paper does not contain formaldehyde, thanks to our unique bamboo formula that eliminates the need for harsh chemical processing. Our toilet paper is gentle on both you and the environment, as it is free from harmful ingredients like BPA, chlorine-bleach, formaldehyde, and itchy glues. This makes it a safe choice even for potty training kids.

What is the best bamboo toilet paper for septic systems?

The best bamboo toilet paper for septic systems is Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper. It is an excellent choice for RVs and septic systems because bamboo and sugarcane, being grasses, dissolve quickly. Rest assured, Caboo toilet paper is still comfortable to use due to its soft fibers, particularly from sugarcane. Additionally, Caboo is certified by reputable organizations such as BRC, FSC, FDA, and ISO.

Which toilet paper has least chemicals?

The toilet paper with the least chemicals is Caboo. Caboo provides a tree-free bamboo toilet paper option that is made from fast-growing and renewable bamboo and sugarcane. This environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper products is 100% biodegradable, septic safe, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Is bamboo toilet paper scratchy?

Bamboo toilet paper is not scratchy; in fact, it is soft and thick, providing ample comfort and absorbency. On the contrary, recycled toilet paper tends to be rougher and more coarse in texture.

What chemicals are in bamboo toilet paper?

The chemicals present in bamboo toilet paper include hydrogen peroxide or chlorine-free agents, which are used during the washing and whitening process.

How long does it take for bamboo toilet paper to biodegrade?

Bamboo toilet paper typically takes about 1 year to fully biodegrade, making it a remarkably fast process. In fact, bamboo toilet tissues decompose 4 times faster than conventional or recycled paper toilet tissues, which can take approximately 1 to 3 years.

Is there a bamboo toilet paper made in USA?

There is a bamboo toilet paper made in the USA called Bampoo TP. It is a company that specializes in producing bamboo toilet paper and also offers a toilet paper delivery service.

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for old pipes?

Bamboo toilet paper is safe for old pipes as it does not cause blockages and is compatible with various sewage and drainage systems. You can confidently flush it without any concerns about plumbing issues.

How long does bamboo toilet paper last?

Bamboo toilet paper typically lasts for about 1 year before it decomposes completely into nature. This decomposition process is remarkably fast, as bamboo toilet tissues break down 4 times quicker than conventional or recycled paper toilet tissues, which can take approximately 1 to 3 years to decompose.

Does bamboo toilet paper come from China?

Bamboo toilet paper often originates from China, which can result in shipping emissions. However, this is frequently the most environmentally friendly choice since bamboo naturally thrives in China.

Why do people use bamboo toilet paper?

People use bamboo toilet paper because it is environmentally-friendly and has a lower carbon footprint due to the unique growing properties of bamboo and the ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Additionally, bamboo provides a durable yet biodegradable material for use.

Is bamboo toilet paper better?

Bamboo toilet paper is indeed superior to other options. When comparing it to toilet paper made from recycled pulp and virgin pulp, bamboo outperforms both. In terms of softness, recycled toilet paper is generally the least soft.

Does bamboo toilet paper clog septic?

Bamboo toilet paper does not clog septic systems. In fact, it may be even safer for sewage and septic systems compared to toilet paper made from trees.

Does bamboo toilet paper clog pipes?

Bamboo toilet paper does not clog pipes because it is naturally biodegradable and begins to dissolve as soon as it is flushed. This means that it is safe to flush and will not cause any blockages in your drains. Additionally, the force of the flush helps to break up the toilet tissue, ensuring that it easily fits down pipes and sewage systems.

Which is the best bamboo toilet roll?

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 48 are widely considered to be the best bamboo toilet roll option. These rolls are known for their exceptional softness and are highly praised for being unwrapped. They are made entirely from sustainable bamboo that is FSC certified, ensuring that they are both plastic and tree-free.

Does all bamboo for toilet paper come from China?

All bamboo toilet paper alternatives do not come from China, but many of them are sourced from there. Despite the drawback of shipping emissions, choosing bamboo toilet paper from China is often considered the most sustainable option due to the natural abundance of bamboo in the country.

What is the most ethical toilet paper?

The most ethical toilet paper is the one that is completely plastic-free in terms of both packaging and tape. Brands such as Bamboo Bobbi, Bazoo Bamboo, Bumboo, Greencane, Honest Supplies, and Naked Sprout are commendable for their commitment to being plastic-free. Additionally, some of these brands also offer unpackaged products, making them the optimal choice for ethical consumers.

Why is bamboo tp so expensive?

Bamboo toilet paper is more expensive than the most popular wood pulp-based toilet papers because of the higher costs associated with harvesting bamboo and the overall manufacturing process. However, if purchased in bulk, bamboo toilet paper can be a cost-effective option compared to virgin toilet paper.

Is recycled tp better than bamboo?

Recycled toilet paper is a superior option compared to bamboo toilet paper due to its higher sustainability, greater environmental benefits, cost-effectiveness, and safety and hygiene in usage. By making the switch to Serious, you can actively contribute to waste reduction and environmental protection.

Is bamboo toilet paper safe for sewer?

Bamboo toilet paper is safe for sewer systems and septic tanks. It is typically made with one or two-ply, although three-ply options are available. Due to its strength, fewer layers of bamboo toilet paper are needed, making it easier to break down. This makes it suitable for use in RV toilets as well.

Why is bamboo TP better?

Bamboo TP is better because it offers numerous advantages compared to traditional wood pulp. It is a versatile and sustainable resource that grows rapidly and needs less water and pesticides, making it an eco-friendly choice for toilet paper production. Additionally, bamboo possesses inherent antibacterial properties, making it an excellent option for hygiene products.

Is white bamboo toilet paper bleached?

White bamboo toilet paper is not bleached, which means it is free of harsh chemicals like bleach. Each sheet of this three-ply toilet paper is soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Additionally, it is BPA-free, providing added peace of mind.

How much better is bamboo than plastic?

Bamboo is significantly superior to plastic due to its sustainability and biodegradability. Unlike plastic toothbrushes, which can take hundreds of years to decompose and contribute to pollution in our oceans and landfills, bamboo toothbrushes offer a more environmentally friendly alternative. Additionally, bamboo toothbrushes are usually more cost-effective compared to their plastic counterparts.

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