5+ Key Trailer Hitch Lock Pins To Enhance Security

Discover Top-Rated Hitch Lock Pins That Offer Maximum Security for Your Trailer Peace of Mind.

woman's hand checks the fixation of the trailer closed hitch lock handle on the towing ball towbar of the car closeup, the safety of driving with a trailer on the road

In the world of trailers and towing, security is paramount.

Whether you are hauling a boat, a camper, or commercial equipment, ensuring that your property remains just that – your property – is crucial.

This is where trailer hitch lock pins come into play.

These modest devices may not be much to look at, but they can mean the difference between a secure trailer and one that’s vulnerable to theft.

With the rising reports of trailer thefts across the nation, investing in a reliable trailer hitch lock pin has become more important than ever.

Without these locks, a thief could simply pull out the hitch pin, unhitch your trailer, and drive away with it.

A hitch lock pin, especially those made from strong materials and with a secure lock, would require considerable time and effort to break.

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Master Lock 389 DAT: Best Bargain Trailer Lock

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers - Trailer Locks #389DAT

The Master Lock 389 DAT provides excellent security without burning a hole in your pocket.

Despite its affordable price, this lock doesn’t compromise on quality.

It features a swivel head for ease of use and a hardened steel shackle for added strength and resistance against cutting and sawing.

This lock is a great choice for those looking for a balance between affordability and performance.

Bolt Receiver Lock: Best Receiver Lock

BOLT 7018447 5/8" Receiver Lock for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Standard Cut Keys

The Bolt Receiver Lock stands out due to its unique feature – it can be keyed to your vehicle’s ignition key.

This eliminates the need for additional keys and makes it incredibly convenient.

Built with automotive-grade materials, this lock is highly resistant to corrosion and tampering. Its robust design and convenience factor make it our top pick for receiver locks.

Trimax UMAX 100: Best Overall Value Trailer Lock

If value for money is what you’re after, look no further than the Trimax UMAX 100. This universal fit coupler lock is made from hardened steel and has a rugged, corrosion-resistant finish.

It’s 360-degree protection and ballistic-grade nylon housing make it highly secure against drilling and picking attempts.

Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making the UMAX 100 a lock that offers excellent value for your money.

Altor SAF: Best Trailer Lock for Extra Security

If security is your top priority, the Altor SAF is worth considering. This lock was designed with the goal of being the toughest lock in the world.

It features a disc detainer locking mechanism, which is known to be very resistant to picking.

Made from hardened steel, this lock is also extremely difficult to cut or drill through.

Its higher price tag reflects its superior security features, making it a worthwhile investment for those who need extra peace of mind.

Proven Industries 2516: Best Premium Trailer Lock

Last but not least, the Proven Industries 2516 is our top pick for premium trailer locks.

This American-made lock is built from solid steel and features a powder-coated finish for maximum durability and rust resistance.

Its unique design covers the entire coupler, making it virtually impossible for would-be thieves to get access.

While this lock comes with a higher price tag, its superior construction and security features justify the investment.

Benefits of Hitch Pin Locks

By now, you might be thinking that a hitch pin lock seems like a pretty good idea. And you’re absolutely right.

But if you need a little more convincing, let’s explore the benefits of hitch pin locks in more detail.

Additional Protection Against Theft

A trailer fuse (trailer lock) on a trailer

As we’ve mentioned, the primary function of a hitch pin lock is to deter theft. The presence of a lock alone can be enough to deter opportunistic thieves.

For those more persistent thieves, the sturdy construction and lock mechanisms of high-quality hitch pin locks can provide an effective barrier, protecting your valuable trailer and its contents.

Ease of Use

Despite their robust design, most hitch pin locks are incredibly easy to use.

They simply slide through the hitch pin holes and lock in place, providing a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer.

Many models also feature user-friendly designs, such as swivel heads and push-to-lock mechanisms, that make them even more convenient to use.

Discreet Appearance

While they serve an important function, hitch pin locks are not typically large or obtrusive.

They are designed to blend in with the hitching system, providing security without affecting the aesthetics of your vehicle or trailer.

This allows you to maintain the look of your setup while adding an essential layer of protection.

Low Cost

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of hitch pin locks is their affordability.

Considering the level of protection they offer, these devices are incredibly cost-effective.

Even the more premium models are reasonably priced, especially when you consider the potential cost of having a trailer stolen.

In short, a hitch pin lock is a small investment that can save you a lot of

Types of Trailer Hitch Locks

There are two main types of trailer hitch locks: receiver-style and coupler-style. Both provide security for your trailer, but they function in slightly different ways.

Receiver-style Hitch Locks

Receiver-style hitch locks secure the ball mount to the hitch receiver on your vehicle.

These locks go through the pinhole on both the receiver and the ball mount, preventing anyone from removing the ball mount from the receiver.

This type of lock is incredibly useful when you’re leaving your vehicle with the ball mount attached, but without a trailer hitched up.

Coupler-style Hitch Locks

Coupler-style hitch locks secure the coupler that’s on your trailer to the ball mount on your vehicle.

These locks prevent anyone from lifting the coupler off the ball or from disengaging the coupler while it’s connected to the ball.

Some models cover the entire coupler, making it impossible for would-be thieves to access it. This provides an added layer of security when your trailer is hitched up to your vehicle.

Installing a Hitch Pin Lock

Installing a hitch pin lock is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any special tools or expertise.

Here’s a simple guide to help you get started.

Step-by-step Guide to Installation

  1. Firstly, insert the ball mount into the hitch receiver on your vehicle. Make sure the holes on the ball mount align with the ones on the receiver.
  2. Next, take your hitch pin lock and insert it through the aligned holes. If your lock has a separate pin, make sure to insert that first.
  3. Once the pin is through, attach the locking mechanism to the end of the pin. Depending on the model, this could involve screwing it on, pushing it in place, or securing it with a key.
  4. Ensure the lock is secure by trying to pull it out. If it stays in place, then it’s properly installed.

This simple process is all it takes to provide your trailer with an added layer of protection against theft.

Testing the Security of the Installed Lock

Once you’ve installed your hitch pin lock, it’s essential to test its security. Try pulling on the lock to see if it comes loose.

If it remains in place, that’s a good sign. You can also try to turn the lock using a pair of pliers to see if it resists.

Remember, the goal is to ensure that the lock will resist attempts to remove it without the proper key.

FAQs about Trailer Locks

Electric Trailer Jack on a locked Trailer hitch

Still, have questions about trailer locks? Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

How Do I Know What Size Hitch Pin I Need?

The size of the hitch pin you need depends on the size of your hitch receiver.

For example, if you have a 1-1/4″ receiver, you’ll need a 1/2″ pin.

Similarly, for 2″, 2-1/2″, and 3″ receivers, a 5/8″ pin is needed.

Always check the specifications of your hitch system before purchasing a lock pin.

Are Locking Hitch Pins Worth It?

Absolutely! The cost of a locking hitch pin is minor compared to the potential loss and inconvenience of having your trailer stolen.

They provide an effective deterrent against theft and give you peace of mind.

What is a Trailer Coupler Pin Lock?

A trailer coupler pin lock is a type of lock that secures the coupler on your trailer to the ball mount on your vehicle.

This prevents anyone from disengaging the trailer from the vehicle, providing an additional layer of security.

What is the Pin Called for a Trailer Hitch?

The pin used for a trailer hitch is typically referred to as a hitch pin.

If it has a locking mechanism, it’s often called a hitch pin lock or a locking hitch pin.

And there you have it! Whether you’re a seasoned trailer owner or just starting out, a hitch pin lock is a small investment that goes a long way in securing your property.

So don’t wait, enhance your trailer’s security with a hitch pin lock today!

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