10 Best RV Towel Rack Options for Your Bathroom Space

Discover Space-Saving Towel Racks Ideal for RV Bathrooms, Available in Chic and Durable Designs.

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Whether you’re a full-time RV dweller or an occasional camper, everyone can agree on one thing: the importance of a well-organized bathroom.

One of the most significant issues RV owners face is finding a perfect place to store towels.

It’s not just about storage; it’s also about ensuring that these towels dry properly to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

That’s why choosing the right towel rack is paramount.

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Metal Wall Mount Towel Rack

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A wall-mounted metal towel rack is a classic choice that never goes out of style. It’s sturdy, durable, and can hold multiple towels at once.

This type of rack typically features several bars or hooks, providing ample space to hang your towels. The metal construction guarantees durability and resistance to rust, especially important in a moisture-prone environment like a bathroom.

Some models even feature a stylish matte black finish that adds a modern touch to your RV bathroom.

Apart from serving as a drying spot for your towels, this rack also doubles as a storage solution. You can roll your spare towels and stack them neatly on the rack.

This saves precious cabinet or drawer space that can be used for other bathroom essentials. It’s also easy to install – just a few screws and it’s firmly attached to your wall.

Over-The-Door Hanging Towel Organizer

mDesign Modern Decorative Metal Wire Over Shower Door Towel Rack Holder Organizer - for Storage of Bathroom Towels, Washcloths, Hand Towels - 3 Tiers - Chrome

If drilling holes in your RV walls doesn’t appeal to you, consider an over-the-door hanging towel organizer. As the name implies, this towel rack hangs over the door, saving you the hassle of installation.

This organizer typically consists of several tiers of bars or loops that can hold multiple towels at once.

Some versions even come with pockets for extra storage. The metal hooks at the top simply hang over your bathroom door, making this rack a breeze to set up.

This rack is perfect for those who want to maximize their vertical space. The height of the door allows you to hang several towels without taking up any floor or wall space.

It’s also portable – if you decide to change your bathroom layout or move to a new RV, just unhook it and take it with you.

Plus, it’s not just for towels – you can also use it to store washcloths, bathrobes, or even some lightweight bathroom products.

Countertop Tiered Basket

Dicunoy Metal Storage Basket with Handles, 2 Tier Wire Farmhouse Organizer Bin, Rustic Style Black Basket for Home, Kitchen Cournertop, Pantry, Fruit, Coffee, Pasta, Bathroom, Office, Living Room

If you’re lucky enough to have ample counter space in your RV bathroom, a countertop tiered basket can be a stylish and practical storage solution.

This rack resembles a fruit basket, featuring several tiers where you can stack your rolled towels.

Some designs even include smaller compartments for toiletries or other small items. The open design facilitates airflow, helping your towels dry faster.

This rack keeps your towels within easy reach while adding a decorative touch to your bathroom. It’s ideal for hand towels or washcloths, while larger towels can be folded and placed at the bottom tier.

On days when you don’t need to dry any towels, it can double as a storage basket for your skincare products or other bathroom essentials.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

At first glance, a shoe organizer may not seem like a suitable place to store your towels. But with a little creativity, it can be a clever and space-saving solution.

A typical shoe organizer consists of several pockets arranged vertically. They’re usually made of fabric and come with hooks at the top that can be hung over a door or a rod.

Each pocket can hold a rolled towel, keeping them organized and easily accessible. You can categorize your towels by type or by user, making this a handy solution for families.

The fabric material is gentle on your towels and can be washed whenever necessary. Plus, it’s light, compact, and portable.

Clearly Labeled Storage Tub or Space Saver Bag

Transparent drawers for storing things on a wooden table.

For extra towels or those not in frequent use, a clearly labeled storage tub or space-saver bag can be a lifesaver. It keeps your towels clean and protected while freeing up space in your bathroom.

Storage tubs are sturdy containers with lids, usually made of plastic. They come in various sizes to suit your needs.

On the other hand, space-saver bags are designed to compress items like towels or clothing, reducing the space they occupy.

They’re typically transparent or semi-transparent, allowing you to see the contents without opening them.

These storage solutions are great for storing spare towels or seasonal items like beach towels. Just make sure your towels are completely dry before storing them to prevent mildew.

Label each container for easy identification. You can slide these under your bed or stow them in your RV’s under storage compartments, keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

Wall Mount Metal Towel Rack

Another variation of the wall mount rack is a model designed specifically for rolled towels. This rack comes with slightly hooked ends that keep the rolls in place, providing an elegant and efficient towel storage solution.

This type of rack is typically made of metal for durability and can hold several rolled towels at once. Some models feature smaller racks at the top, perfect for storing washcloths or small hand towels.

The design not only provides practicality but also adds an aesthetic touch to your RV bathroom.

By rolling your towels and placing them on this rack, you can save a significant amount of space compared to folding them.

This rack can be installed on any wall in your bathroom, making it a flexible option regardless of your bathroom layout. It’s particularly useful if you have a large family or often have guests over in your RV.

Standard Bathroom Towel Rack

Heated towel rail on bathroom wall. White towels drying on a heated towel rail

Even though most RVs come with a standard bathroom towel rack, many people find that it’s usually not enough.

But with a little creativity and some additional accessories, you can turn it into a functional and stylish towel storage area.

A standard bathroom towel rack is typically a single bar attached to the wall. It’s simple, straightforward, and serves its purpose.

However, it may lack style and capacity, especially if you have more than one person using the bathroom.

While a single bar might not offer much storage, you can enhance its functionality by adding over-the-door hooks or a hanging organizer.

This way, you’ll have extra space to hang your towels without having to install a new rack. Just make sure to spread out your towels as much as possible to ensure they dry properly.

Shower Room Cabinets

If your RV comes with separate shower rooms, you might find that cabinet space is sparse or nonexistent. Instead of lamenting the lack of storage, why not use it as an opportunity to get creative with your towel storage solutions?

Shower room cabinets are great because they keep your towels within reach when you step out of the shower.

They can be mounted on the wall or stand on their own, depending on your available space. Some even come with built-in towel bars or hooks for added convenience.

If you’re handy with tools, you can even build your own custom cabinet that fits perfectly into your shower room. You can include shelves for your toiletries and hooks for your towels.

Alternatively, consider installing a few wall-mounted baskets or bins inside the cabinet doors for extra storage. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to bring a towel into the shower again!

Under Bed or Under Camper Storage

Bedroom interior, wooden bed at modern room. Furniture design with open wood drawer, white pillow decoration object in box. Brown comfortable storage for bedding cushion.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the space under your bed or camper. This often-overlooked area can provide ample storage for your towels, especially if you’re not using them regularly.

Under-bed storage typically comes in the form of drawers or sliding bins that you can easily pull out when needed.

Some RVs also come with built-in storage compartments underneath the vehicle, perfect for storing items that are not frequently used.

These storage areas are ideal for stashing your spare towels or beach towels that you only use occasionally. Just make sure to store them in airtight bags or containers to protect them from dust and moisture.

Remember, it’s always better to have too much towel storage than not enough – you’ll thank yourself later when you have guests over or during long trips when laundry facilities are scarce.

FAQs about RVs and Towels

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about towel storage in RVs:

Where do you hang bath towels in an RV?

You can hang your bath towels on a wall-mounted rack, over-the-door hooks, or even a countertop tiered basket, depending on your available space and personal preference.

Some people also use multi-tier bars or swivel towel bars for extra capacity.

How do you hang towels to dry in an RV?

The key to drying towels in an RV is to ensure good airflow around the towel. Spread out your towel as much as possible on a bar or hook, and avoid folding it while it’s still wet.

If you’re using a hanging organizer, make sure to leave some space between the towels to facilitate drying.

Do towels dry better on hooks or rails?

Towels tend to dry better on bars or rails compared to hooks because they allow more surface area of the towel to be exposed to air.

However, hooks can be a good alternative if you’re short on space or prefer not to drill holes in your walls.

What should I look for in a towel rack?

When choosing a towel rack for your RV bathroom, consider factors such as durability, space efficiency, and ease of installation.

Look for racks made of rust-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass, as they will withstand the moisture-prone environment of your bathroom.

Consider the size and capacity of the rack, ensuring it can hold the number of towels you need.

If space is limited, opt for racks that maximize vertical space, like over-the-door organizers or tiered baskets. Lastly, choose a rack that is easy to install and fits your RV’s bathroom layout.

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